Raging Wolf: A MC Werewolf Romance

by Felicity Jordan

The explosion ripped through the night sky.
Michael knew it was the harbinger of trouble.
Growling and shifting to his wolf form he ran through the chill, primeval forest to investigate. He was the grizzled veteran of dozens of motorcycle club turf wars and he’d seen it all.
But what he found shocked even him.
A young raven-haired beauty in the middle of a sea of destruction.
A witch.
The daughter of his hated rival and archenemy of all shifters.
He should just leave her.
His life was complicated enough.
But the sight of her awakened a deep, primal desire inside of him.
He would save her.
And she would be his.


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Category: Paranormal Romance

Blood Heist: A MC Werewolf Romance (Raging Wolf Book 2)

by Felicity Jordan

The bank heist was the only way the pack could survive.
And the key to a successful robbery was a beautiful computer hacker named Susan.
But could Ray convince her to trust a good-for-nothing wolf shifter?
His bulging biceps and alpha swagger said ‘yes.’ She would be like all his other conquests. Human girls were easy once they got a taste of the beast.
But Susan is different.
Too nice, too sweet, too caring… Damn.
Was he actually falling for a human girl?
If she thinks she can tame him, she’s got another thing coming. Because the pack always comes first.
If only she would stop touching him like that, stirring something deep in his soul, and something even bigger in his pants.
He can’t run from her.
He needs her.
And she needs him.

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Zane Ambrose (Colored Gems Book 1)

by N R Emerald

BILLIONAIRE INSPIRATIONAL ROMANCE WITH A DAB OF SPICE Turning forty. I’m dating—using the term loosely, because what I do with escorts is certainly not dating. But one impulsive decision changes my life. No cliffhangers and a guaranteed HEA.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Damaged Billionaire Single Dad

by Ava Bloome

Damaged Billionaire Single Dad is an Off-Limits Friends to Lovers Second Chance Romance. Book is full of turns and twists and of course HEA!!!

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Category: Contemporary Romance