Hitman’s Honey

by Kay Freeman

She never thought she’d die like this in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Rylee Reed was just another woman of a “certain age” going through a difficult divorce when she set eyes on the suave, Irish gentleman in the atrium of the upscale hotel in DC where she was attending a writers’ conference. Within twenty-four hours, she was on a plane trying to escape hired assassins while she fought her attraction to a man she barely knew. Read the book awarded a Mid-Atlantic Writers Association Romance award in 2022.

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance


by Linie Bener

Rules. Limits. Norm. These words are not for a Prime.

A prime is a group of powerful families who rule everybody in secret, and Christian is one of them. He, Klause, and Rome, own the halls of Rutherford Prep. All the girls want them even though they’re cold, indifferent, and mercilessly reign over everyone.

Except me.

I have secrets to protect, especially from a prime. However, Christian has set his eyes on me. He’s a psycho who wants to own and consume, and if he can’t have me, he’ll make me suffer.

I fell for someone like him once and wouldn’t make the same mistake twice.

I had meticulously planned to eliminate the primes for years, but Christian is something I hadn’t expected. If I’m going to prevail, I must stay away from him.

That’s easier said than done. However, my name is Catherine Elizabeth Vanderford and I’m a survivor.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Speak of the Demon: A Paranormal Urban Fantasy Romance (Deals with Demons Book 1)

by Stacia Stark

I hunt demons.
I don’t work for them.
And I promised my mom one thing before she was murdered: Under no circumstances, would I ever go near the high demons.

But I’ll break that promise over and over again if it helps me avenge her death.

When my only lead turns to ash in the middle of demon territory, I’m suddenly a dead witch walking. Violence in Samael’s club is an automatic death sentence… unless he can use you.

And it turns out that the most powerful demon in the country has a use for little ol’ me.

Demons are being slaughtered. His demons. And as a bounty hunter, it’s up to me to find out who would dare hurt his people.

I’ve got two weeks to find the killer, and if I fail, I’m bonded to Samael. Forever.

Samael’s certain that I’ll be his, but I’m not the kinda girl who risks her freedom for a demon.

I’m the kinda girl who won’t let anyone get in the way of her vengeance— not even the Machiavellian control freak who thinks he can run my life.

The problem? I’ve pissed the wrong people off.

Now I’m the one being hunted, and someone’s coming for me with everything they have.

But I’m never more dangerous than when my back is up against the wall.

And I’m ready to come out swinging.

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Category: Fantasy Romance

Black Wedding

by Emma Luna

When hitman, Liam, kidnaps mafia princess, Bree, she makes him an offer. Bree wants to rule, in a world run by men, so she asks him to marry her. It’s a marriage of convenience for them both. Together they can face their enemies and prove Bree’s a powerful leader capable of ruling over men. But what happens when their feelings become real? Can they put aside their feelings for the sake of business, or is their wedding no longer fake?

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Category: Contemporary Romance