A Knotty Deal

by Leann Ryans

When my brother’s life depends on me paying his debts, I find a way to make it happen.
Even if it means selling the only thing of value I have left.

Alphas are willing to pay a lot to have a night with an omega, especially one that’s untouched. They aren’t concerned with how willing I am, because one way or another, they’ll make me submit.

I’m going to do this, for my brother’s sake.
I’m going to sell myself to the highest bidder.
I am not going to admit to the secret thrill running through my veins, and I’m definitely not going to read more in Leo’s actions than an alpha’s typical lust and possessiveness.

I’m going to make it through the night, pay off my brother’s debt, and then I am going to forget this ever happened.

If Leo lets me.

Will I survive such A Knotty Deal ?

***This is the first story in The Claiming of Cadence trilogy. It has a mafia theme, using the auction trope, and ends with a HFN and a slight cliffhanger. This is a contemporary non-shifter omegaverse.***

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Best Friend’s Brothers

by Natasha L Black

After escaping an abusive relationship, all I wanted was to focus on my career.
The last thing I needed was to get involved with another man—
Let alone three of them!

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Veiled Destiny

by Gia Cobie

Five years ago, Ivy was abducted and changed into a vampire. In the years since, she has isolated herself, fearing she’s a danger to others.

One night, she finds herself in danger and is rescued by an unlikely savior.

After their unexpected encounter, Ethan is instantly drawn to Ivy, but it’s clear she’s haunted by secrets. He’s determined to convince her to give him a chance, to prove he can be trusted.

As their connection grows deeper, outside forces conspire to pull them apart. Faced with an unavoidable truth, Ethan and Ivy will have to fight even harder to stay together.

Just as a happy ending is in sight, a sinister conspiracy threatens to tear them apart forever.

Can Ethan and Ivy withstand the forces working against them and find a destiny together?

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Veiled Devotion

by Gia Cobie

Roman is a vampire who can sense others’ emotions. It’s an ability that has been like a curse, as he’s forced to experience the suffering of strangers. But when he sees a woman in danger, senses her terror, he knows he has to help her.

Grace has been living in fear for the last six months. Held hostage by a vampire, she’s almost given up hope by the time Roman spots her. In a rapid change of events, she’s rescued by a hero determined to save her.

Grace is terrified of vampires after her horrific experience. But after she and Roman experience a connection neither has felt before, everything changes. Instead of seeing all vampires as a threat, Grace sees one as her savior.

Roman will do anything to keep Grace safe. But a vengeful vampire isn’t giving up his pursuit of her. How far will Roman go to save the woman who has become his every desire?

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The Keeper’s Runes

by Lyra Forger

Let me be clear. I never intended to find myself fighting for my life among the Originals of Grimm Academy.

Nikky is an outcast.

But being the only fae without Runes will do that to you.

So when she finally snaps and breaks Ydril’s Law, the last thing she expects is to be taken to Grimm Academy – the most prestigious academy for the Originals.

But someone is out to destroy her hope of fitting in. Secrets unfold as Nikky finds herself trapped by darkness, danger…and a hot shifter she can’t take her mind off of.

And then there’s that strange thrumming in her chest.

Even with a vampire and a shifter protecting her, Nikky knows she might not make it out of this alive.

If you enjoyed Roxie Ray and Sarah J. Maas, you will find this book unputdownable.

“It’s like Harry Potter for women who like their books spicy!”

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Category: Paranormal Romance