An Unexpected Kind

by Angela K Parker

She’ll never forgive herself. He can’t forget the fighting. With their whole lives ahead of them, dare they risk a kiss?

Samantha Young’s wounds run deep. Plagued with guilt because her mother died during childbirth, the aspiring chef is overjoyed when someone finally notices her. But after she falls head-over-heels for a charming jock who turns out to be a cheater, she builds a wall around her emotions forever.

Bradley Pierce doesn’t believe in romance. Growing up with his parents constantly arguing, he makes a pact with his best friend never to fall for the lure of affection. But when his heart breaks as a result of her moving away, he wonders if maybe he was wrong all along.

Spending the first half of college brushing off any lustful looks, Samantha is caught off-guard when she runs into a handsome guy. And with Bradley realizing he’s more than the sum of his past, their chance meeting may very well have come at the ideal time.

Will the two learn and grow from the follies of young love and step into a perfect match?

An Unexpected Kind is the captivating first book in the Kind contemporary romance series. If you like well-written characters, intriguing journeys, and sweet-and-spicy courtship, then you’ll adore Angela K Parker’s moving tale.

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Category: New Adult & College Romance

Swinging for the Fences

by Lusetta Nelson

Bodyguard Stella Reilly is prohibited from fraternizing with anyone in her boss’s social circle, which isn’t a problem until she meets Grady Vincent – best friend of her boss’s publicity stunt boyfriend. Failing at professionalism in Grady’s presence, the pair enter into a secret relationship until the sham of a couple spilt…if they ever split.

$0.00 Previously $1.99

Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance