Royally Crushed

by Melanie Summers

One bored princess. One rugged outdoorsman with his own nature show. When these two end up alone in the jungle for two weeks, it’s hate at first sight, but their on-screen loathing makes for great television. Can these opposites find their forever in each other’s arms, or will their differences be their undoing?

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Category: Romantic Comedy

Be With Us: An Urban Foursome Love Story

by Brianna Skylark

Two hot couples, one skin-tingling night of passion…

Indulge your naughtiest fantasies and join Emilia, Cassian, Amy and Mark’s wild, romantic and deeply erotic adventure into the world of swinging, decadence and unconventional love.

A forbidden fantasy, a wife’s desire… an urban foursome love story.

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Category: Erotic Romance

Ranger’s Destiny

by Tracey Cramer-Kelly

Meet two Army Rangers who think they’ve seen it all! Nothing in Sergeant Cory Foster’s training has prepared him for his sister’s emergency—or his reaction to Doctor Maddy Wright. When he asks his buddy and quintessential “nice guy” Chase Richards to watch over Ella, Chase is determined to do the right thing. But even nice guys have their limits.

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Category: Military Romance

Disciplined: Billionaire Playground Book One

by Lenore Ashwood

$5,000 per engagement?!?

At that price, Anya can stay in med school, her late grandmother’s only wish.

She had no idea she was a pawn in a dangerous game of revenge.

Wealthy Cavendish Club partner, Dimi, is ready to move on from the affluent escort service he helped build. His lifelong business dream is ready, and he’s itching to pull the trigger.

Then Anya shows up…

She’s the key to the Cavendish owners’ ultimate plan—a deadly game of revenge against a powerful, evil man.

Anya unlocks Dimi’s fierce protective nature. Instead of executing his business plan, he’s breaking every rule to keep her safe. Keep her close.

She’s the bait and the stakes rise with every “engagement.” How long can he protect her? How long will she let him?

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Category: Erotic Romance

Freak (Something Real #1)

by Leslie Georgeson

I am the lyrical savant known as the Reclusive Songwriter.

No one knows the face behind my lyrics. Or that I am the freak my family disowned.

No one. Until her.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance


by R.V. Asher

Mac thinks the attraction between her and Boston is merely physical. So why does it feel impossible to let him go?

If you had met me before this week, you’d have thought I was one of the most responsible, play-it-safe human beings on the planet. You’d have assumed someone juggling three jobs and managing her own business wouldn’t even have the time to get involved in messy relationships.

That’s what I thought, too.

I was wrong.

This week, I met Boston. He wears the ripped, shaggy-haired, and adorable look like he was born that way. I’m game for some harmless flirting, maybe a little more, and he definitely doesn’t have any objections. Why deny the obvious spark we have?

Because that’s all it is: a spark. The sooner I can enjoy a taste of Boston’s lean, chiseled body, the sooner this silly infatuation of mine will be over.

Then I’ll be safe.

Except that kissing Boston doesn’t snuff out that spark. Not the first time, or the second, or the third.

Instead of satisfying my curiosity, I want to know about him: why he’s dropped everything to help out his family, why he has a way of calming tense situations down, why I can’t get enough of his smile.

Why he’s making me question everything I thought I wanted.

Why I can’t stay away…

18+ due to mature content and “open-door” scenes with lots of heat.
Triggers: Loss of loved ones, topic of domestic abuse, overdosing, topic of drug use.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

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