Crossing in Time

by DL Orton

Straight, intelligent, ELS (edgy love story) seeks CGR (cross-genre reader) for hook-up and possible LTF (long-term relationship).

Vampires, ditzes, and talking animals need not apply.

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance


Home of the Heart

by Adrienne Smith

Hannah Morgan lost the man she loves to her best friend. She needs an escape from her miserable life and the interminable happiness she cannot share. An offer to leave Chicago and spend six weeks in the small town of Dragonfly Lake seems like a chance to lick her wounds and forget about her broken heart. Jay promises his family’s old greenhouse will be balm for her battered soul.

Jay McKessar has loved Hannah since the day he met her – and he’s spent years watching her love someone else. Taking her to his home is an attempt to bring back her smile. It’s also his one chance to change her mind, and get her to see that he’s the one she should be with. But Hannah has a secret she’s kept hidden inside for her whole life. Can Jay help her to deal with the truth? Or will the darkness buried in her past tear them apart?

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance


Sweet Do-Over

by Melissa McClone

Meeting handsome contractor Von Ryan turns practical architect Marley Patterson world upside down. Then, his marriage proposal sends her into a panic, and she breaks up with him.

Being rejected hurts, but Von blames himself for not reading the signs or Marley better. He wants to share his life with a woman who’ll love him as much as he loves her, but he’ll have to be patient for the relationship to develop on its own.

After Marley is assigned to Von’s new construction project, he treats her the same as everyone else—professionally and with respect—though neither can deny a strong mutual attraction still exists. Soon Marley realizes she may have been the problem with their relationship, not just Von’s proposal. She wants a second chance, but after breaking his heart once, will he give her a do-over?

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance



by Aidy Award

Imprisoned, afraid, and with no memory of who I am, I’ve been thrown to the wolves… literally.
Before today there are only dark, shadowed memories I’m too scared to even think about.
But I have to.
Especially when every other man here wants to claim me for their pack.
The only comfort I find is a deep, intimate connection to the three wolf-shifters who rescue me.
They give me the strength to fight.
I’m not leaving them behind. Even if the dark Prince of Wolves wants me dead.

Get lost in the world of the Fate of the Wolf Guard as this curvy girl discovers who she truly is and that when it comes to love, she doesn’t have to choose.

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Category: Paranormal Romance


The Beach Squad Boxed Set

by Marika Ray

A complete small town beach romance series for readers who love their romance with laughs, steam, and strong heroines!

The Beach Squad women join forces to solve mysteries and tangle up with hot beach lifeguards. These strong heroines have met their match with alpha men who know how to support their women in all the right ways. Get swept away by seven summer romances sure to make you feel like you’ve spent the day at the beach. Minus the sand in weird places…

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Category: Romantic Comedy


H is for Hawk

by Natasha L Black

Hawk’s always had a piece of my heart.
First time he kissed me again after all these years, I gave him the rest of it.
No way could I turn my back on him when he needed me
Or say no when all I want to do is say yes.

Will he break my heart again, leaving me high and dry?
Or will we make a family of our own and raise his niece together?

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Category: Contemporary Romance