Ménage Place

by Tatumn Dixon

At the age of forty-seven, Danika Bergin has managed to build a nice, quiet existence as a bookkeeper whose love life edges along the lines of unremarkable. Until, that is, she inherits Ménage Place—a secret sex club once owned by her favorite aunt, Elsa.

Now, Danika is thrown into a world of sexual exploration as she takes over the luxurious mansion which hosts a nightly temptation of lust and seduction.

Will Danika embrace this new life and break free from the confines that sexually hold her back? Or, will she remain on the professional sidelines, never knowing the freedom that comes from unleashing sexual fantasies and desires…

Saucy Sneak Peek: Threesome Initiation, Horny Hot Tub, Blazing Rooftop, BDSM Hell and Group Sex Heaven!

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Category: Erotic Romance


The Shadow Council

by Sadie Anders

One day I’m working at a dive bar in downtown Los Angeles, and the next I have the undivided attention of a ton of supernaturals, including the Shadow Council. They’re a sexy as hell team of guys who are committed to protecting this realm, and their attention is squarely focused on me. You see, the realms between the worlds are closed now, and nobody knows why except for one thing. It’s all the fault of the Mordha. And when it comes out that I’m the last Mordha on earth, well, it turns into open season on me. Soon, I’m on lockdown in their Hollywood Hills mansion, and what a group of guys to be in lockdown with. A fiery fae, a no-nonsense vampire, a lusty werewolf, a mysterious incubus, and me, Nova, the woman at the heart of them all. The Shadow Council is tasked with keeping us all safe, but what will happen once they find out the truth? That I’m the one who closed the realms.

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Category: Paranormal Romance


Ruin Me

by Claire Raye

Life at its worst can be ruining.

Caleb Parker is broken and lost, and her support is everything. But she has no idea how deep his trauma runs.

Ruby Collins is his sister’s best friend and his new roommate. Broken as he is, he knows he should keep his distance.

But when Ruby’s professor lurks too closely, Caleb steps in. And what was meant to be a ruse, turns into so much more.

Together they can heal each other, but it’s the past that nearly ruins them.

Ruin Me is book three in the Hawthorn Hills Duet Series. A two-part, angst-filled, slow-burn broken love story that follows Caleb and Ruby. Book three must be read first in order to enjoy the full story.

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Category: New Adult & College Romance


The Lies That Bind

by Marie Scully


The plan was simple- have her fall in love, gain the information, and move on. I was to be long gone before she learned who I truly am. Betraying her was my first mistake, falling for her… is a close second. I will not let losing her be my third. Alex Moretti plays for keeps.


I fell in love with a lie, a choice that has cost me everything. Falling in love with the façade of Mike Novak was my biggest mistake, but deceiving me will be his last. The choice between romance and family is simple. No one crosses the Rossi family and lives.

It’s a thin line between love and hate. In the end, which will they choose, or will the choice be taken out of their hands?

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance


Second Time Around

by Alandra Knight

From the moment I first saw him shirtless, with those rippled abs on full display and his gray sweatpants barely hanging off his muscular hips, my insides melted.

But this desire I’m filled with is one I know can never be satisfied.

You see, single dad Jaxson Brentwood doesn’t talk about the hard times. He’s lived them. Four years earlier, he and his brother lost their wives. Since then, they’ve been left to raise their children all alone.

His world is everything mine can never be.

It doesn’t matter that our chemistry is off the charts. It doesn’t matter that Jaxson’s arms are the only ones I feel safe in.

He and I are like oil and water – and while opposites clearly attract, I can’t believe there’d ever be a place for a girl like me in Jaxson’s world of foam dart battles and bedtime stories.

Or, at least, that’s what I thought until we both dared open our hearts – and began wondering if, just maybe, we deserved a shot at love the second time around.

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Category: Contemporary Romance



by Maria Luis

I bow to no man.

The words are tattooed on my skin, just as they’re branded on my heart.

But I never planned for Sergeant Lincoln Asher, a man as deceptive as he is cold. He won’t stop until I’m his, but I’m not his to own.

I live in the shadows of New Orleans. Hidden and protected in the underworld I call home. I know who I am.

I vow never to kneel before a man…

Save one.

And he will be my downfall.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance


Broken: Last Chance Series – 4

by A.L. Long

“No one would ever know just how much I was willing to give up.”

There are things in life that no one should have to go through and Alannah had her fair share. With no chance of escape, being under the control of a man as ruthless as Winston Nelson was her life now. Every day was longer than the one before it and her hopes of ever seeing the one man she loved more than life itself were slowly disappearing.

When Winston Nelson decides to leave Last Chance for good, a window of opportunity opens and Alannah knows she has only one chance to escape. Her freedom comes at a price. Is she willing to risk her life?

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Category: Erotic Romance


The Dragon of New Orleans

by Genevieve Jack

A cursed dragon shifter, a terminal cancer patient, and a magical bond that promises to save them both… if they don’t kill each other first.

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Category: Paranormal Romance


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