Second Chances

by Bria Marche

Life sails along smoothly on beautiful St. Thomas for Abby Melrose Bellavance, or so she thinks. That is, until her husband, Remy, steals her trust fund and disappears for parts unknown.
Now, with five million reasons to write off men for good, she returns to Charleston, broke and groveling at her mother’s feet.
Living again in the opulent mansion, Abby is thrown another curve ball. Her mother dies, leaving Abby with a mansion, but no money to support it.
Turning the home into a boardinghouse will bring in cash, but now two of the hottest men in Charleston are Abby’s tenants. They’re similar in one way—they are men, and she should keep her distance.
As the southern summer blazes on, fate deals Abby one final blow. She wonders now, if she’ll ever have a second chance at love.

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance



by Mary E Thompson

Archer thought he’d be a SEAL forever. Instead, he’s back in his hometown helping his brother’s best friend when his brother goes missing. Lily is curvy and sexy and far too sweet for him, but he can’t resist her. Even if trusting her means losing everything else in his life.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance


Unleashed Romance Boxed Set Books 1-3

by Kylie Gilmore

Escape into hilarious feel-good romance where dogs are part of the family! This boxed set includes a swoony frenemies-to-lovers story, a virgin-best friend connection, and a surprise road trip with her best friend’s brother!

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Category: Contemporary Romance


The Payback

by Julie Weaver

I won’t stop searching for the Mafia gunman who shattered my chance of happiness, even if every step toward the killer is a step into the gaping jaws of Philly’s notorious underworld.

If only the new guy in my building, AKA Mr. Tall, Dark, and Annoyingly Alpha, would leave me and my secrets alone. My body might want him, but my head knows better. I’ve lost too much to risk giving my heart away again, especially to someone as deliciously tempting as Brandon Lewis.

Teaming up with the fierce, overprotective man next door becomes a proposition too appealing to resist. Brandon might be an incredibly skilled hacker, but why isn’t he scared of taking on the most dangerous men in the city? And how does a computer geek get the body of a warrior?

The more I get to know Brandon, the more I realize he’s the last person I could let pay for my mistakes. If it happened again, neither of us would survive.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance


Second Chance Charmer

by Brighton Walsh

Havenbrook’s bad boy is back after disappearing without a word ten years ago.

They never belonged together. Finn fell in love with the small town’s princess. But he was from the wrong side of the tracks, and her mayor daddy made sure he got that message loud and clear.

Loving Willow ruined his life.

Now, he’s back to prove to everyone who said he wouldn’t amount to anything how wrong they were. When he needs Willow’s help to open Havenbrook’s first bar, he’s forced to see the woman she’s become—the one he left behind. He anticipated an icy reception, but he wasn’t prepared for the hate in her eyes.

It’s clear any love they shared is gone. Now, they’re nothing but sparks and desire.

Finn wants Willow back…for keeps. And this time he’s not going to let anyone stand in his way.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Hometown Troublemaker

by Brighton Walsh

Aurora “Rory” Haven’s life is in shambles. Her ex is living with the woman he cheated with, her oldest daughter blames her for the divorce, and she’s broke. To make ends meet, she partners with the too young, way too hot local contractor she has absolutely no business fantasizing about.

Nash King is working overtime so he can take over the family business. He doesn’t need the distraction of his best friend’s sister, but the hot-as-hell, pearl-clutching divorcée barrels her way into his everyday life.

The forced proximity has tempers flaring…and their chemistry sizzling. But Havenbrook’s gossip mill is churning full-force, and the last thing Rory needs is everyone speculating over her crush on a man eight years her junior. Except crushing doesn’t have anything on what’s really going on…

What would happen if the townspeople found out paint wasn’t the only thing being stripped?

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Journeys: the Archers of Saint Sebastian

by Jeanne Roland

15-year-old Marieke disguises herself as a boy at the all-male archers’ guild of Saint Sebastian to escape her father’s killers. When the dashing Journeyman archer Tristan takes her under his wing as his squire, soon she’s vowing to help him win the guild honors robbed from her own father – without ever letting him discover her secrets. Robin Hood meets Mulan and Princess Bride in this frothy but literate romp through medieval Belgium that’s packed with slow-burn romance, humor, gorgeous boy shenanigans, richly-drawn characters, and plenty of longbow archery trials!

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Category: Historical Romance