Once Upon a Viking

by Demelza Carlton

What wouldn’t you do for a hot Viking prince of your very own?
A collection of three Viking fairytale romances with hot Viking warriors and the strong women they fall in love with.
Three medieval fantasy romances from USA Today Bestselling Author Demelza Carlton that will sweep you away to a land of fierce warrors, mighty swords and quests where fairytales can come true.

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Category: Historical Romance


His Sub

by Ellis O. Day

Maggie hasn’t tried BDSM or public sex — but she’s the kind of natural submissive Terry can’t resist. When she stumbles into a sex club, can the arrogant, sexy dom get her to explore her kinkier side?

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance


Bratva Devil

by Sonja Grey

As a Bratva boss, I’m not allowed to make mistakes.
But I make a big one when I kidnap the wrong damn woman.
It’s not safe to let her go, so instead I take her up on her offer and hire her to work for me.
Under my watchful eye, I make sure she does what she’s supposed to and upholds our agreement.
But as much as I try to keep her at arm’s length, she keeps getting under my skin.
All the possessive and protective instincts that I never knew I had come out with Maddie
She likes to tease me and taunt me, trying to get me to claim her.
But she has no idea how much I enjoy the hunt, how much I enjoy seeing her squirm.
When my little kiska starts to run, I’m more than happy to give chase.
Because I will be claiming her, all of her, and when I do catch her, she’s going to scream who she belongs to loud enough for the whole damn world to hear.

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Category: Contemporary Romance