Fake Dating Romance Box Set

by Kathilee Riley

List of novels inside:
Fake Ex-Wife – A Enemies to Lovers Romance
Fake Boyfriend – A Bully Romance
Fake Stepdad – An Age-Gap Romance
Fake Reverse Harem – A Forbidden Office Romance
Fake Date: Grumpy Billionaire Stepdaddy – An Age-Gap Romance

All are standalones, no cheating & have happy-ever-after endings ♡
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The Awakening of Elise

by Georgia Adler

Book one, the Second Edition of a three-book series, The Awakening of Elise is a steamy novel that looks at the life of Elise Adair, a middle-aged woman in the midst of a divorce who finally embraces her true sexual desires. Sparks fly when Elise meets Wyatt, a young, dark-haired carpenter with his own dark desires. She experiences a sexual awakening that will forever change her life as they explore an erotic journey filled with lust and sexual experimentation. It is a journey that will awaken the deepest desires that she has hidden from herself. Lust, sex, and fetishes galore emerge along the way.

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Category: Erotic Romance

Dragon Blues

by Ophelia Bell

Even immortal dragons can have crazy exes.

Belah’s ex is worse than most. Three thousand years ago, she and her old lover took their kinks just a step too far, and she’s been trying to get over it ever since. The problem is that her ex is still out there wreaking havoc on her world, while Belah spent the last three millennia in hiding.

With her race’s world changing, it’s time for Belah to show her face again. Finding a new mate should be easy for a dragon as powerful as her, but “baggage” is an understatement when your ex is your race’s mortal enemy.

Belah finds Lukas and Iszak North—not one, but two gorgeous, musically talented, and especially kinky brothers from one of the dragons’ sister races. The pair are perfect for Belah. Their race of falcon shifters mate for life—one look at Belah, and both North brothers know she’s their One. The problem is they have baggage of their own, and Belah’s ex is at the center of it.

When Belah’s old lover decides he wants her back, she and her new mates learn there is more at stake than love, and fancy knots and an adeptly wielded whip might not be enough to find true happiness.

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Category: Erotic Romance


by Erin Wilkerson

Seeking refuge in humanity’s first lunar colony, Lunar Base One, Tamar leaves the slow destruction of her world behind to make her mark as a groundbreaking scientist. While navigating the challenges of the high-tech research facility filled with the brightest young minds from around the globe, she finds herself distracted by a handsome prankster—knowing relationships are forbidden—who threatens to inhibit her goals.

Once a catastrophic event back on Earth cuts off all communication with the planet, Tamar and her crew must find a way to survive on their own.

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