The Angelics: Afterlife

by Heather Kristian Strang

As Veronica and Markus from book one of The Angelics series prepare for their big day, Henry finds himself engulfed in an existential Angelic crisis.

He questions whether the love of his life, who passed away unexpectedly five years earlier, is truly back from the dead or if it’s all a ruse to avoid a looming criminal lawsuit.

Stephanie Langley awakens in an entirely different world; one she must swiftly navigate before the man she loves rejects her and sends her back to the Angelic realm. Even with their Angelic family’s support, a divide emerges as Henry’s grief and pain blind him to the truths Stephanie attempts to reveal to him.

Throughout their journey, Stephanie discovers the profound importance of remaining dedicated to her spiritual mission, even in the face of rejection by her Holy Beloved. Meanwhile, Henry confronts a vital lesson about the mysteries of death, highlighting that there’s always more to discover on the path of spiritual awakening.

The Angelics: Afterlife is not merely a romantic fantasy, but a guidebook for those seeking to unite with their Holy Beloved or Soulmate–whether they’re still on Earth, or in non-physical.

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Category: Inspirational Romance

Dark-Sins, Enemies & Lovers

by Natalie Brolack

A Russian secret agent lands on American soil armed with three rules:
1. Do not leave New York without the “Ledger.”.
2. Never reveal your true identity.
3. Do not fall in love.
As a trained killer and a super-spy who dedicated his life to the agency he thrived under extreme pressure, William Kane considered them stupid, basic rules. His only goals were to find the mysterious ledger and avenge his parents’ murder.
When he showed up at a glitzy party, hoping to find a useful clue. He ended up saving a beautiful news reporter’s life.
Then discovered she was the clue he’d been searching for.
Which meant protecting her. Taking her home.
Having the curious blonde under his roof meant his true identity was at stake.
Even worse was realizing he had a thing for this spicy woman who danced with danger (him).
For the first time, he considered having the best of both worlds, until a cautionary phone call from the agency soon revealed that rules 2 and 3 were not simple, basic rules after all.
William Kane will have to decide: the love of his life, or both their lives?

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

Pregnant for Best-Friend Biker Daddy

by Izzie Vee

Sick and tired of the city’s hustle and bustle,
Laura took her best-friend, Ava’s invitation to escape it all by visiting her small-town.
Clean fresh air, quiet nature and serenity,
It was everything Laura needed, except,
This visit was gonna turn her entire life upside-down.
It started the moment she saw Jack riding by on his bike.
Her excitement peaked instantly.
Tall, magazine handsome, and muscular with tattoos.
He’s huge, her dad’s age and her best friend’s dad.
He’s off-limits.
But what happens when the forbidden man can’t resist her thick thighs and sweet curves?
What happens when mishaps got her spending days under the same roof.
Things get so hot and wild, he never withdraws.
They try to keep things a secret to avoid the big mess it could cause.
But with two pink lines and his baby growing inside her,
Their situation is about to explode in so many ways.

This is quick, short, and extremely filthy read with loads of heat and all the juicy details.

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Category: Erotic Romance

When the Duke Loved Me

by Lydia Lloyd

They are both pretending to be someone else for the night . . .

When Catherine Forster asks a handsome stranger to lead her out of the ballroom and into the Tremberley gardens, she hopes to glimpse its renowned Roman ruins . . . and maybe steal a kiss. But when she and her delectable escort are discovered in a scandalous embrace, Catherine is horrified to learn that she has been kissing John Breminster, heir to the man who ruined her family.

Given that the Forsters are his sworn enemies, John had no choice but to walk away from Catherine that night. But he has never been able to forget their close encounter-and, even years later, still longs for her touch. Worse, when his father dies, John, now the Duke of Edington, finds himself with a problem that only Catherine can help him solve.

Catherine agrees to aid him in his quest . . . for a price. On their journey, they soon begin to give into temptation, even as they uncover troubling revelations about the past. Will John and Catherine overcome this shared history? Or will its secrets tear them apart forever?

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