Bewitching Bedlam

by Yasmine Galenorn

Fun-loving witch, Maddy Gallowglass, sets up a magical bed & breakfast with steamy hot vampire, Aegis, but runs into trouble when someone decides she’d be better off dead in a steamy hot paranormal mystery series.

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Category: Paranormal Romance


Forever His

by Kathy Coatney

Forever His: She’s home and hearth. He’s a superstar baseball player.

Emma Delaney has always loved Sam Parker. Sam reminds her of warm sunshine, laughter and passion. In his arms, she dreams of white picket fences and happily-ever-afters, until the day he leaves her for baseball.

A knee-ending injury puts Sam permanently on the bench. With his baseball career cut short, he returns home to face his guilt, and the woman he abandoned for the game. The woman he can never have—Emma.

Get your copy today because when friends become lovers sparks fly!

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance


Nanny for the Billionaire

by Cassie Cole


I wish that’s what the ad had said.
Because it was a huge surprise when I was picked up for my job interview in a freaking helicopter.
Now I’m nannying the children of Braxton Nash, the young, fearless, incredibly-handsome billionaire in charge of Nash Capital.
But at night? He has more exciting plans for me.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Breaking Josephine

by Brooke Stanton

From an RWA award-winning and #1 bestselling author comes “a marvelous western love story.”

When Jack Harrington puts an ad in the paper for a young man to work his farm, the last person he expects to step off the train is Josephine Taylor—a spirited young woman from Manhattan.

Josephine’s life has never been ideal, but it’s a shock when her brother ships her across the country. With no money and her parents gone, Josephine has no choice but to board the train to a strange new life, unaware of her brother’s deception.

When Jo arrives, Jack believes she’s behind the lies her brother told to get her the job, and he’s determined to send her back to Manhattan. But always a survivor, Jo strikes a deal to stay with Jack and his children for a month and prove her worth. Jack warns Jo he runs a strict home. Undeterred, Jo agrees to his terms.

Stubborn and willful, Jo tests Jack’s limits. But soon the struggle between them raises strange new yearnings in Jo. With every battle forged, her willpower weakens as the sexual tension grows to the point of combustion.

Does Jo have the courage to fight against Jack’s guarded heart and fall into the intoxicating embrace of her truest desires…

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Category: Western Romance



by Mina Carter & Susan Hayes

She’d do anything to find her daughter – even make a bargain with a beast.

Leia wants nothing to do with the aliens who invaded Earth. They’re powerful, dangerous creatures who are a threat to every surviving human, especially women like her.

When alien raiders take her daughter, she’s left with only one chance to see her again. Find one of the aliens and offer him a deal.

She never expected the beast she found would be the new Overseer’s personal bodyguard. And she never imagined what would happen when she agreed to be claimed by an alien warrior named Var…

He came to this planet as a conqueror – only to find a female who brought him to his knees.

Var’s orders were simple. Deal with a rogue warrior and protect the inhabitants of a human village. Then she ran into view…

Leia isn’t like any female he’s ever seen. She defies and confounds him, but there’s no mistaking what she is… his.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance


Just Friends

by Sofia T Summers

Fake marry my best friend. Throw in some “benefits.” What could go wrong? How about ten little fingers and ten little toes…
Oz’s plan seems so simple.
Convince his grandma to let us live in her rent-controlled apartment by telling her we’re married.
It shouldn’t be hard.
After all, we’ve been best friends for years and are already roomies.
We know each other almost better than we know ourselves.
But our fake marriage leads to other very real things.
Real touches that light my body on fire.
Real feelings that sear my soul.
And real consequences that will arrive in nine months.
If I tell him, it could destroy his dreams of rock and roll stardom.
Yet, if I don’t, I could lose the most important person in my life.
So, yeah, Oz’s plan seemed so simple…
In reality? Not so much.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Taken: Last Chance Series – 3

by A.L. Long

Award-Winning Author of The Shattered Innocence Trilogy

“If we could never be together, I would forever remember his touch.”

Alannah’s life was right on track. She knew what it meant to love and be loved. All of that changes when Winston Nelson steps back into her life and takes away everything she longed for. Hidden away where no one can find her, Alannah once again has to submit to the man she swore would never control her again. Day by day, the hopes of a normal life begin to disappear along with her desire to live.

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Category: Erotic Romance


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