Sapphires and Secrets

by Katerina Simms

Forbidden love in a town where danger lurks at every corner.

Emilia Bonacci, introverted daughter of an overbearing jewelry tycoon. For one brief moment, she had it all. Now she’s on the run from a family who wants to destroy her.

Small, charming, and picturesque. Harlow, Minnesota, seems like the perfect place to hide. Except a chance encounter throws her into the path of her forbidden first love…

Blaine Callaghan always had dreams of living in a big city, until he made the mistake of falling for Emilia. Her powerful family doomed him to exile in this small town, away from his family and future. Seeing her now unearths years of buried love and resentment. But this earth-shattering attraction is impossible to avoid.

Maybe they could be together this time. Except that anyone involved with Emilia will never be safe.

If you enjoy Virgin River, slow-burn romance, quaint country towns, and a touch of suspense; you’ll love Sapphires and Secrets.

*Book One in the Harlow Series.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

Sleeping Dragon

by Amberlyn Holland

Firstborn and Heir to the throne of Ardell, Caleb sacrificed himself to a dark curse to save his kingdom.
Rescuing Caleb from that spell wasn’t part of Evie’s mission, but she didn’t regret it.
At least, not until she realized an oath she made years ago meant getting in the way of Caleb’s only hope of defeating the Grey Enchantress.

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Category: Fantasy Romance

Do-Over with my Ex

by Josie Hart

He’s the Italian Stallion who crushed my heart once,
But OH what I wouldn’t give for another ride.

He was a young foreign exchange student,
And we agreed it was just a fling.
Even though I knew in my heart it was more.

Today he’s a full-grown man, impeccably dressed.
Stacked muscles, piercing eyes, and too-good-for-you attitude.
Just my type of red flag.

The history between us runs deep.
I can still remember his taste,
Remember the feel of him inside me.

Hearing my old pet name ghost his lips,
Cara Mia,
And I lose all my inhibitions.

I’m not the same girl I was.
So I should have known better than to let this serial flirt in again.

Because if I don’t keep my distance, he’ll be my undoing.
And I don’t come undone, for anyone.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Sharing My Husband With My Best Friend

by M. X. Wilde

Sharing him with my best friend . . .

All Emily ever wanted was a husband and children, but now her marriage has fallen apart. Unlike me, she has never been lucky in love. Now she’s alone, and more than anything, she wants to be pregnant. She’s my best friend and I can’t let her go out and find some random guy to breed her.

It’s only natural that I share my husband with my best friend. But I never imagined it would be so romantic.

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Category: Erotica

The Payback

by Julie Weaver

Three years ago, the Mafia murdered my boyfriend and shattered my chance of happiness. I won’t stop searching for the gunman until justice is served, even if every step toward the killer is a step into the gaping jaws of Philly’s notorious underworld.

If only the new guy in my building, AKA Mr. Tall, Dark, and Annoyingly Alpha, would leave me and my secrets alone. I’ve lost too much to risk giving my heart away again, especially to someone as deliciously tempting as Brandon Lewis.

When the Mob catches on to my revenge plans and delivers a deadly ultimatum, my persistent new neighbor discovers we share a common enemy. Teaming up with the fierce, overprotective man next door becomes a proposition too appealing to resist. Except the more I get to know Brandon, the more I realize he’s the last person I could let pay for my foolish mistakes. If it happened again, neither of us would survive.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance