Little Bird

by Kally Ash

It’s good to be King…

Bane Rivera: my name is well-known and feared in the seedy underbelly of Los Angeles.

There is only one rule that I live by—only one rule that matters—never let a woman get in the way of business.


Then Wren Montana happened.

She barged into my office—into my life—like a beautiful wildfire, demanding something of me I couldn’t ever give her: a pass for her brother’s mistake.

From the moment I saw her, I knew I had to have her. To feel her spirit break under my crushing grip as she gave her very soul to me. Until she was dependent on me like a junkie for their next fix.

But she wasn’t like the other women I’d used and discarded. No, my Wren, my Little Bird, she was strong. Every time she told me no, every time she walked away, it only fanned the flames of my need, consuming me…

Causing me to forget my one and only rule.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

Pumpkin: a Cindermama Story

by Ines Johnson

Single mother Malika “Pumpkin” Tavares lost faith in fairytales after she fell for a toad. Town royalty Armand “Manny” Charmayne has been searching for his soulmate all his life, whom he’ll recognize at first sight by a golden aura, that only he can see, surrounding her person. Manny doesn’t see gold when he meets Pumpkin, but the more he gets to know her the more he considers defying fate, if only he can convince her to take a chance on love again.

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Category: Interracial Romance

Power Play Series Boxset

by Kennedy L. Mitchell

When a forbidden workplace romance ignites, turning enemies to lovers, can the two keep the love affair hidden, or will their fire destroy everything they’ve worked for?

These men play dirty hoping I’ll fail, but they don’t realize I’m in this to win no matter the risks or what I have to sacrifice. This isn’t a simple game – it’s my career, my daughter’s future, and now the life of the one man I shouldn’t want but can’t stop running toward. He hates me, an enemy from the start, but when that anger shifts to something hotter, I can’t help but relish the burn.

No one said this life would be easy, but rising from the run-down trailer park to the penthouse, from a no one to a force to be reckoned with, has prepared me for this fight.

What I don’t expect are the onslaught of enemies lurking in the shadows and the forbidden relationship that could upend everything I’ve worked for.

Let them make their power play. My name is Randi Sawyer, and I’m in these games to win it all.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Fragile Things

by Samantha Lovelock

I was never supposed to meet Poe Halliday. And we definitely weren’t supposed to fall in love. But fate, and Folkestone, had other plans.

A past kept hidden from me.
A secret buried for years.
A love I never expected.

And now the dark history of this town threatens to rip us apart.

I knew this was a mistake.

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Category: New Adult & College Romance