Melt: Snow Queen Retold

by Demelza Carlton

An enslaved enchantress. A magic mirror. Whose match will be made next?
Once upon a time…
When Queen Briska is accused of treason, she flees to the mountains, building an icy wall around her broken heart. But she cannot flee her punishment – she is forced to help other couples find love. A tough task, when the man she loves is dead.
Amani knew his life was over the moment he was enslaved to a magic lamp. But when a strange twist of fate frees him from the lamp just as he discovers the woman he loves still lives, Amani sets out to find her, and free her, too.
Will the power of love be enough to melt two frozen hearts?

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Category: Fantasy Romance


Falling For The Pilot: Small Western Town Military Romance

by Jean Stokes

She is looking to settle down…He needs a pretend girlfriend…But should good friends dare to become more?

A friends-to-lovers steamy romance, one of the addictive heart-melting Fort Balerno stories about a tight-knit group of protective military veteran alphas in a small-town Western setting with suspense, no cheating, and a guaranteed HEA!

Tony is one of my best friends, and I’ve never thought of him like that, but lately I’m starting to. There’s so much at risk—our friendship, our friend group—and I have no idea what the future holds. I don’t know if Tony is worth the risk?

Every member of my family is happily married with kids. Christmas is here, and I only know one single woman—my best friend, Kate. So I need her to pretend that we’re dating. I’ve had a crush on Kate since the day we met, and I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep my cool with her so close?

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Category: Western Romance


Lost and Found

by Lucinda Race

Love knows no boundaries…

In the years after Cari McKenna lost her husband, she threw her energy into raising her family and starting a thriving coffee shop. Now, her grown children have moved out and her daughters are pushing her to brave the perils of internet dating.

Even Cari is forced to admit that her life might be a little too placid. Until, that is, a tree falls across her roof…

Ray Davis always stops by What’s Perkin’ for his morning muffin, but the handsome master carpenter is starting to wonder if he’ll ever find the chance to persuade Cari to see him as more than merely a neighbor.

Consulting with her about rebuilding her damaged house gives him an excuse to spend more time with her, but she still only seems interested in him as a buddy.

Then Ray’s past suddenly comes looking for him, and he realizes that his dreams-or even his life-could be lost.

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance


Buying Him

by E. V. Darcy

When her father unexpectedly dies, Lady Victoria Snape has only months to marry before she’s cut off and if she loses her inheritance she’ll have to turn to her grandfather, the King, for support, something she vows she’ll never do. She needs a plan, a plan to get a man…

Cormac Blake wasn’t trying to be Prince Charming when he rescued the damsel in distress. He certainly wasn’t looking for a leg up—or over!—but being penniless and trying to keep guardianship of his six year old brother, makes it hard to refuse offers when people make them. So, when he has two on the table, he has a difficult choice to make; save the damsel or save himself?

Two very different people, one lesson to learn; sometimes you have to marry for the money…

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Submission (Pleasurable Dominance and Control Book 1)

by Skye-Anne Chariss

An Ex-Army Soldier who retired due to injuries desires to have an heir. He wants a person who will deliver just that and no strings attached.

Peligrad asks his attorney to find a submissive, intelligent, and respectful woman to give him an heir that his parents always wanted.

Anthony, the lawyer, identifies Lizze, who is in a desperate situation to be the woman who can fulfill his client’s desire. Lizze accepts the contract to allow Peligrad to use her body as he wishes but has a condition that his dying father gets medical attention.

The agreement is completed and Lizze is delivered to Peligrad to use her body as he wishes but Lizze is determined to give only her body, not her soul

Peligrad plays all games with her body and she finds her body responding to his silly games, although her mind tells her otherwise.

Will Peligrad fulfill his contractual commitments?

Lizze is a virgin. Will she be able to give her body entirely to Peligrad to use as he pleases?
Let’s find out more about this Mystery Erotica by Getting your Copy and Be taken on this adventurous journey of adult Erotica!

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Category: Erotic Romance


The Cinderella Hour

by Lisa Silverthorne

She’s a bitter angel of death in a wager with Lucifer: save two lost souls in seven angel days through a reality television show. Or lose her wings and halo permanently.

He’s a fallen Hollywood star on a reality TV show desperate to save his failing career. As a TV prince, Jack searches for his match among thirty rags-to-Hollywood princesses.

Add magic, a lotta demons, & a dash of true love for a match made in Heaven.

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Category: Paranormal Romance


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