The Water Princess

by Gina Manis

My kingdom was stolen from me by my own sister. She cursed me into a monster, my blood craved by the ogres, and trap me behind the walls of a convent.
After five long years, I have finally found my salvation. I offer myself up to the Elementals for my freedom, but there is a price to pay. I must grant each of them a child.
Each of them sends one element to me and I must find a way to unite them. With my freedom, I must reclaim my kingdom and rage a war against Fire.
No more will I allow the Fire King to destroy our realms. No longer will I allow my sister to rule, nor will I live as a monster any longer.
I will take the Elementals deal and join with not only Earth, Wind, Water, but Fire too. We will become a family our world needs and save us all.

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance


A Cowboy’s Strength

by Vicki Lewis Thompson

When friendship ends, passion begins…
Zane McGavin is fit to be tied. His childhood friend Mandy Fielding has waltzed into town and announced she’s moving her mother to New York. Never mind that her mom loves Eagles Nest, Montana and would be miserable in the big city. He’s determined to talk Mandy into seeing reason but his plan backfires and he ends up kissing her instead.

Mandy has a few choice words for Zane McGavin and his opinions. She expected him to support her plan but instead he’s crossing her at every turn…and looking too damned sexy doing it. When did her former playmate turn into a gorgeous cowboy? And why does he have to kiss better than any man she’s ever met?

She’s convinced she knows what’s best. So is he. Will they both lose in this battle of wills?

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Category: Western Romance


Kissing Scars

by Jim Shomos

Leads your heart to a festival of love. A romantic comedy novella inspired by a true story.

“Shomos has created another remarkable romantic comedy that leaves you suspended right alongside Sanaya and Leo. Intoxicating, organic, and simply breathtaking.” The Never Ending Bookshelf, 5-stars

“Sanaya and Leo transported me through the blossom of a delightful love story that I hope will carry on forever. So much fun, and well worth the read.” Stephanie R. 5-stars

“My heart soared, broke, and was set free again through this emotionally charged love story of the ages.” Jess, 5-stars

What do you do when life sets up a festival of true love on the other side of your heart’s well-built fence?

Computer games designer, Sanaya, leaves India behind to expand her career in Australia, and some day have a child. It’s a clear plan until she falls in love with a divorced man who has three kids and one big romance rule: no more children.

Mobile games pioneer, Leo, is a born romantic who loves Melbourne and his boys. Yet, as soon as his youngest hits 18, it’s time to follow his dream of writing magazine stories around the world. But when his heart trips over Sanaya, they discover love writes its own rules.

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Category: Romantic Comedy


All Good Things

by Weston Parker

It’s finally my chance to take on my father by starting a luxury resort that’s in direct competition with his. And now my big chance is getting blown. By a vlogger with a great set of legs and a terrible first impression of the place. But as always, I’m here to save the day. Seduction is my specialty. Faking it only lasts for so long until I realize she’s the one.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Her Big City Neighbor

by Jackie Lau

When small-town engineer Amy Sharpe inherits a house in Toronto, she decides it’s the perfect opportunity to start over. Away from the family that takes her for granted, away from the ex who expected so much and gave little in return.

The new Amy enjoys wandering around the city and frequenting bubble tea shops, German beer halls, and dim sum restaurants. She has a group of friends who regularly meet at a cider bar.

The new Amy is also in lust with her brooding, tattooed next-door neighbor, Victor Choi. As she starts telling him about her daily adventures—and as a little kissing in the garden becomes a regular activity—Amy begins to feel more than lust for him. But she fears she’s falling into her old patterns in relationships and refuses to let herself be underappreciated again.

Is Victor really more than a hot fling? And what’s he hiding behind that grumpy exterior?

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Category: Romantic Comedy


Sins of a King

by Emma Slate

As payment for her brother’s debt, Barrett is given to sinister billionaire Flynn. She should hate the notorious playboy — but she’s powerless against his seduction. Soon, she’s lured deeper into his dangerous, dark world of sin and secrets… First in a series.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


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