Blood of the Pack

by Cassie Alexander

Angela: I know fear well. It’s had me looking over my shoulder since the day I ran from The Pack, Nevada’s most dangerous werewolf motorcycle gang. I’ve had seven years to build a life and my tattoo parlor with the help of my best artist, Jack. But I’m living on borrowed time. My ex-boyfriend may still be in prison, but that won’t stop him from getting what he wants — our son.

Jack: I want her, I crave her, but I can never have her. So I wait and watch from the shadows. But when a friend is murdered by the same gang that’s threatening Angela, I vow that they will never touch her. Their blood will be mine first.

She’s a wolf backed into a corner.
He’s a vampire on a tight leash.

Welcome to Dark Ink Tattoo, where needles aren’t the only things that bite.

Dark Ink Tattoo is a scorching paranormal in the vein of Sons of Anarchy, with strong sexual situations and bisexual MCs.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Home Run Baby

by Tabatha Kiss

I didn’t expect to get knocked out by a baseball over Spring Break.
Getting knocked up by a college baseball player was a surprise, too.

Hunter Novak. Home Run Hunter himself.
We’re strangers, so we’re going back to first base in the hope it leads to first love.

Are me and my one night stand a home run?
Or was it all just a major foul?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Bound to the Dragon Prince

by Rinelle Grey

He’s not your average prince, she’s no princess, and this is not a fairy tale…

Archaeologist Karla has made all kinds of interesting discoveries. But the sexy, sleeping man she found in an Australian cavern? Now that was a shock. Even more surprising, though, are the feelings he awakens in her. How will she ever find the strength to leave him and go back to her normal, mundane life when all is said and done?

The world Prince Taurian knew is gone. This new world is unrecognizable, and he knows he needs Karla’s help to navigate it. But nothing could’ve prepared him for just how much he’d come to care for his lovely rescuer. Too bad she can never be his…

Soon, Taurian and Karla realize they’ll need to work together to defeat the last living remnant of Taurian’s past—the enemy dragon who trapped him in a magically induced slumber for 300 years. But that’ll be the easy part. Finding their way to happily ever after? That could get tricky…

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Category: Paranormal Romance

My Millionaire Marine

by Sofia T Summers

Step #1: Refuse my marriage proposal
Step #2: Get a new job
Step #3: Take my eyes off my hot new boss

The first two steps were fairly simple, but it’s obvious that I have zero control over my own eyes.
In my defense, I didn’t know that he was my boss when I first saw him.
I had no idea that he was a millionaire and a former marine pilot.

But the thing that shocked me the most was worse…

Our story took a sharp turn when he needed a fake wife for the sake of his family inheritance.
And by now, it was obvious that I loved the smell of trouble.
Yes, I agreed to be his fake wife.
But being pregnant with his baby wasn’t part of the plan.
Neither was falling madly in love with the way he looked at me.

Step #4: Stop expecting to have a real family with my hot boss slash fake husband!

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Rescued by the Alien Viking

by Lucee Joie

A hunky alien from a barbaric race. A human so desperate to flee her planet that she enrolls in the Vikingr mail order bride program.

What could possibly go wrong?

The Earth is a desolate wasteland, taken over by space snakes determined to kill off humankind one woman at a time. However, there is one option in order to be free of the wretched place: agree to become a mail order bride for the fierce breed of Vikingr aliens.

Tora is so desperate to leave the treacherous planet that she signs up to marry an alien from a tribe so fierce that they are feared across the universe. Ragnex is just happy to finally be involved in something more than work.

But, can Tora chip away at Ragnex’s harsh exterior to find the man beneath the beast?

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Category: Science Fiction Romance

Desired by the Alien Viking

by Lucee Joie

She’s had to run for her life. He’s one of those chasing her. Now, if they could just catch their breath long enough, they could fall in love.

Lottie has escaped a fearsome beast only to be cornered by, well, a fearsome beast. Except, this one is not only afraid of the dark but devastatingly handsome as well.

It’s a shame that she will return home only to discover that she is to be married to someone else via the Vikingr mail order bride system.

Geiv was not expecting to fall for the human hottie on a routine trip to Earth. He was there to collect lindworms, not dates. However, he just can’t help falling for Lottie—that is when she’s not trying to escape him.

He thought they had something too until he returned home to discover that Lottie has been promised to another.

Can they find a love loophole before it is too late?

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If She Didn’t Love Him

by Sherri Storey

A small-town romance with a time travel twist.
Kylie Brennan has been given a second chance to rewrite history. But it means walking away from the man she loves and giving up the future they created. It’s the only way to save. It will just cost her everything.

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Category: Time Travel Romance