Putting Out Old Flames

by Allyson Charles

Jane thought she’d seen the last of her heart-breaking boyfriend years ago when she went off to college…and he broke up with her with a greeting card. But now he’s back, looking sexier than ever, and as much as she tells herself she’s older and wiser, some feelings never burn out.
Chance McGovern is once bitten, twice shy. Getting over a rocky divorce, all he wants is a stable life for him and his son. Moving them to Pineville, Michigan and taking the assistant fire chief job was the first step to getting back to normal.
And then Jane stomps back into his life, his partner in organizing a charity fireman’s ball. Leaving her was one of his biggest regrets. And from the fire in her eyes, she won’t let him forget his teenage screw-up.
But nothing is impossible in Pineville, not even second chances. But their relationship crashed and burned before. Is their love worth the risk?

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Category: Romantic Comedy

Curious Wives

by Tatumn Dixon

During a trip to ski country with three married couples and a newly divorced bestie, Farrah Lockhart catches three friends tangled in a naughty, sexual tryst. The steamy sight ignites Farrah’s sexual curiosities, arousing forbidden fantasies she never dreamed of sharing with her husband, Holt.

Turned on by the idea of inviting a third person into their sex life, Farrah and Holt explore the lust-filled possibilities, quickly learning—Farrah isn’t the only curious wife in their friend group.

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Category: Erotic Romance


by Evie Rae and Poppy Flynn

Recover the Lost. Uncover Love. One Woman, Five Men, and a Deadly Mystery.

Trouble stalks me, even in my tropical haven.
My world is a small one, carefully designed to be so after the tragedy of my brother’s disappearance. I keep things simple and carefree against the backdrop of the sun and fun of the Florida Keys.

But even bright sunshine has dark shadows.
When a serial killer from the Keys’ past begins his work again, my simple little existence gets a lot more complicated. Especially when five gorgeous men take more than a passing interest in me.

Practically overnight, my life is torn apart and I am forced to turn to these strangers for protection. As we share an island paradise, I’m left wondering if it’s just the shadows that possess darkness…or if it’s all around me.

Inspired by the dark side of Peter Pan and the Lost Boys, this suspenseful romance will leave you breathless.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

Meet Jon, the Billionaire

by Laura Olsen

So I met a billionaire with the hottest buns.
And I know all about hot buns – I work in a bakery.

I thought I’d found the perfect solution to save my bakery. A corner lot that would help me expand and keep my dreams alive.

But there’s a catch. A big, handsome, infuriating catch.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Forbidden and Explicit Erotica for Adults – Sixty Six Book Bundle

by Christi Cabernet

Christi Cabernet and the happy ladies of Kumquat Publishing are thrilled to bring you this GIANT EROTICA BUNDLE!

These stories are penned by authors who use their own sensual adventures as inspiration. Our intention is to make your toes curl and heart quicken! These stories include ménage, gangings, multi-partner escapades, BDSM and more!

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Category: Erotic Romance

Hot Storm

by Lynn Raye Harris

Physical therapist Scarlett Reed changes everything about her life to escape an obsessed stalker – but she will never be free. Wounded soldier Mal McCoy offers her a place to stay, but he’s got demons of his own to fight. When a killer sets his sights on Scarlett, Mal realizes that some things are worth fighting for.

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Category: Military Romance