Sacred Embrace

by AJ Ryder

There is no escaping Hell…at least, not without a little Divine intervention.

Desperate to escape the life into which she had been born, Filia, Lucifer’s daughter and heir, jumps at the chance to redeem and cleanse herself of her sins. To do this, she must perform selfless good deeds, and she does so under the watchful protection of four angels and a fallen angel on his own road to redemption.

Love blossoms unexpectedly even as Filia is hunted like an animal by demons determined to return her to her father’s side. Will the unconventional love Filia shares with her angelic guardians be enough to keep the infernal darkness at bay, or will they be torn asunder?

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Category: Paranormal Romance


Her Marine Next Door

by Aliyah Burke

My next door neighbor Parker Jax is not my type. He’s covered in tats, rides a motorcycle, and his parties keep me up all night. The fact he’s sexy as sin doesn’t change the fact we are oil and water.

I’m a quiet artist. He’s a rowdy marine. I’ve got a broken heart. I’m convinced he doesn’t have a heart at all.

Thankfully, my bad-boy neighbor is on leave from the Marines for only thirty days. But then the jerk has to go and show me that he has a soft side beneath all those hard muscles. He actually leaves his own party to help me, and he didn’t even have to.

Fantastic. Now I owe him.

I’m not worried, though. What are the chances he’ll need me to do anything before the month is up?

But when a woman shows up with a kid at her side, knocking on Parker’s door, it turns out those chances are pretty good…

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Category: Contemporary Romance


The Ever After Series Boxset: Kiss Me Ever After, Promise Me Ever After and Love Me Ever After

by Julie Archer

One small town. Three couples. Meet Justin and Lennon, Alex and Georgie and Mason and Ems in this compelling, angsty small town romance series featuring an opposites attract romance, a workplace romance and a second chance, accidental pregnancy romance. Welcome to Ealynn Sands…

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Category: Collections & Anthologies Romance


Step Stories (Books 1-3)

by Bella Beaumont

Madison Gold is a hot college girl blossoming in all the right places, with unlimited options for a partner. But there’s one guy in particular who turns her on… and he just so happens to be the most taboo specimen available.

She can’t get the thought of Dominic Brandt ravishing her out of her dirty little mind. He puts the “dom” in dominant. Unfortunately, everyone else wants the same thing, so Maddi has some competition.

Luckily for her, Dom and Maddi are very close. Some might say too close. Which means she has plenty of opportunities to win him over and get what her filthy heart desires…

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Category: Erotica


G is for Gerry

by Natasha L Black

I should stay away from her, but I’m drawn to her.
A bad accident cost her a leg and her college career.
She’s independent and fierce and doesn’t want my help

Our first kiss at the bonfire was incredible.
The connection between us proves this is no fling
This chemistry, this intimacy — irresistible.

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Category: Contemporary Romance