Pretty, Dark and Dirty

by Margot Scott

Daddy…I haven’t called Mason that since I was small enough to fit on his shoulders. When he left, my whole world shattered. Now he’s back and I find myself calling him Daddy for all the wrong reasons. This thing we both want is twisted and forbidden but once we’ve had a taste, we’ll never be satisfied. There’s no coming back from what we’ve done.

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Category: Erotic Romance

Not a Living Soul

by Anabell Caudillo

Anastacia Geist goes to New Orleans to control her ability to see spirits, but her curse attracts supernatural visitors. Mel Coster moves to the city to pursue his dream of opening a bar, but his future is stolen. They meet and become partners: Mel helps Anastacia keep spirits at bay while she teaches him how to catch a killer. Together, they uncover something that not even death can overcome.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Lesbian Love Songs

by Lee Cushing

Girls that love girls – From the daughter of a powerful and rich sultan to a newly promoted police detective investigating a murder, these stories explore the love that two women share when they fall in love with each other

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Category: LGBT Romance