Marin’s Promise

by Madeline Martin

Bran Davidson’s sister is going to be hanged, unless he agrees to take Werrick Castle. Ever a pawn in a rich man’s game, Bran has no choice but to force his way into Werrick. He quickly discovers getting into the castle is the easy part. Dealing with its mistress, however, will take every ounce of cunning and determination he can muster, especially when she turns his blood to fire.

In a world where desperation and love dictate the lives of many, a simple promise can change the tide of favor and open the door to pleasure and danger alike.

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Category: Historical Romance


Midnight Whispers

by Jessica Wayne and Other Authors

The vampires gather when the sun goes down
The wolves howl as the moon grows round
The witches whisper as the stars drown…

The worlds of supernatural and familiar collide in this thrilling collection of books.
Delve into the darkness and experience a world that exists just beyond the boundary of our reality. These authors bring you stories of vampires, shifters, demons, witches, faes, and angels.

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Category: Paranormal Romance


Secrets of a Duke’s Daughter

by Samantha Holt

Lady Cassandra Fallon is finally ready to take control of her life and join her late mother’s investigative society. She’s more than confident she can do the job—even when her first case involves a potentially deadly scandal. What she’s not quite prepared for is her brother’s attractive friend acting as her self-appointed bodyguard…

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Category: Historical Romance


The One and Only

by Ajme Williams

I’ve been mad at myself for years.
For breaking her heart.
And then for breaking my own.

It’s way worse now because I don’t just miss her… I’m getting married to somebody else.

My fiancée was cherry picked for me.
The sole purpose of our sham marriage is to save the political career of my father.
It’s all good to go.
The wedding is happening.
And my wedding planner?
Laura… the same woman that I’ve been desperately trying to forget.

When I saw her again, we stared into each other’s eyes for what seemed like an eternity.
She remembers what it was like together.
I do too.

I can’t put up with this insanity… I need to call off this wedding even if everything is at stake.

And then I need to fix things.
Handle Laura’s little secret that would destroy my father’s campaign to the point of no return…

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Category: Contemporary Romance


The Doc Is In: An Erotic BDSM Story

by BJ Cuffs

All men can submit to a dominant woman, but it takes a damn good Mistress to bring an arrogant doctor to his knees…

People assume that I’m submissive since I own a cleaning company. My job is to come into your home or business, remove any trace that it’s been used, and then leave before being seen.

Dr. Brantley is about to find out that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

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Category: Erotica


Mated to the Alien Prince: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance

by Ivy Sparks

This handsome alien is going to breed with me. And more shockingly, I’m going to like it. A lot.

So I might’ve switched the test scores to get onto the Apollo shuttle. And I might be in a whole lot of trouble now because of it.

Not that it matters after the shuttle malfunctions and crashes onto one of the most savage unexplored planets in the system: Delphi.

And just like that, I’m kidnapped by lizard men. They intend to sell me, but I’m saved when a blue alien warrior with beastly horns claims me with the most passionate kiss I’ve ever had in my life.

He takes me to his people, but his tribe has traditions, ones I must abide by if I’m to stay safe here.

And these traditions… These acts aren’t something I ever thought a timid woman like me would ever do in public. And with a giant, brooding alien barbarian at that.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance


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