Fake Stepdad: Best-Friend’s Daddy

by Kathilee Riley

When I got arrested at a college party, I had no one to call. Until I remembered Duke Travis, my best friend’s dad, and my secret crush. I didn’t expect he’d come to my rescue, especially after the lie I told about being his stepdaughter. He has no idea who he’s helping out of a bad situation.
He even goes the extra mile by offering me his couch for the night.
His six feet of pure sexiness, his smoldering eyes make me want to give it all up to him, especially when I notice how his hungry gaze lingers on me.
I’m all grown up now, and he can see it. All my curves, my sexiness. But can he see all my dirty little needs and desires too?
The one man I shouldn’t have.
The only man I want.
My best friend’s dad.
Forbidden. We shouldn’t.
He’s twice my age, he can never be my first.
But how will we handle keeping our distance now that we’re living under the same roof?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Cowboy Up

by Vicki Lewis Thompson

Tempted by the foreman’s daughter…
Clay Whitaker, the stud expert at the Last Chance Ranch, has no time for spoiled city women. New arrival Emily Sterling fits the profile. She’s also the foreman’s daughter, which puts her totally off-limits. If her blonde, surfer girl looks inspire a reaction in his traitorous body, he’ll ignore it.
After her parents divorced, Emily’s mom warned her to stay away from cowboys. Not so easy when she visits her dad for his sixtieth birthday celebration. It’s even more challenging when she gets an eyeful of muscular Clay. Maybe mother doesn’t know best, after all. And it’s not like she’s going to fall for the guy, right?

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Category: Western Romance

A Royal Secret

by JaNae Griffin

“I’m Catherine Ava William Allen, Princess of Merick, and I’ll do just about anything to have a different life, including abandon my duties, sneak out of the palace, jeopardize my safety, and abdicate my title to date an American man who is visiting my country.”

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance

Tempted by the Alien Commander

by Skyla Stone

Participating in the Ixionian exchange program was only ever supposed to be about my body. It was never supposed to be about my heart.

Commander Azrael Emrys is everything I’ve never wanted in a man—or alien. He’s dutiful to a fault, arrogant beyond belief, and focused on only one thing—commanding and caring for the soldiers under his command.

But some things are out of even his control.

When an AI malfunction lands us on another planet, I see a new side to Commander Emrys. One that makes me feel desires I didn’t know I had—and longings I’d long since given up on. But the nascent rebellion is here too, and the Commander has wounds that I might not be able to heal.

I came here to be a companion. But the Commander tempts me to so much more.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance