Before Midnight

by Jennifer Blackstream

Prince Charming needs a bite.
And Cinderella is going to give it to him…

A curse is turning werewolf prince Etienne into a human.
A wolf bite is turning the tormented maiden Loupe into a monster.
Each holds the other’s salvation in their hands.

A grand ball will bring them together, but if Loupe is going to get the kiss she wants, she must face the darkness inside her and give Etienne the bite he needs.

And she needs to do it before her bloodthirsty stepfamily hunts them down and slaughters them both…

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Category: Paranormal Romance

One Bite

by Jennifer Blackstream

Prince Charming saved her life.

But if the ruthless vampire royal wants Snow White’s help, he’ll need to do better than that…

Kirill is a vampire prince determined to be a vampire king.

Irina wants freedom—for herself, and her kingdom.

If they can each give a little, they may get more than either of them bargained for.

Irina’s fiery temper melts Kirill’s cold vision of his kingdom’s future. But a shared enemy threatens their tentative alliance. Unbeknownst to him, Kirill’s kiss has sealed Irina’s fate.

To save her, the vampire prince will have to decide between the power he wants…and the woman he needs.

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Unbound (The Cursed Trilogy, Book 1)

by Betty Legend

I had no idea how beautiful and terrifying my life was about to become.

Living as an independent artist in New York, I was soon faced with the new knowledge of my powers, a curse, and how bonding with five sexy-as-sin supernaturals would break that curse.

One by one they found me—Fae, Warlock, Demon, Wolf shifter, Vampire.

I’m their mate.

Their equal.

Their perfect match.

The one to unbind them from their curse.

Heart, body, and soul, I’m meant to be theirs. Theirs to share. Theirs to love.

From the beginning, they warn me of my fate. The stronger our magic bonds; the greater the chance evil will find us.

These incredible beings will give their lives to protect me, no matter the sacrifice, but I’m not willing to lose any of them.

They’ve stolen my heart and I’ll do whatever it takes to break the curse and stop the one who’s coming for us.

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Category: Fantasy Romance

Menage in Manhattan

by Tara Crescent

The complete Ménage in Manhattan series. 5 full-length, standalone, steamy ménage romance novels that are all about her. No cliffhangers. HEA guaranteed! Grab this special edition boxed set by best-selling author Tara Crescent and dive into romance today!

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Category: Erotic Romance

One Wild Weekend with Dexter

by Lexi Hart

After a string of failed romances, I’ve given up looking for my knight in shining armor.

Now I have to fly solo to my little sister’s crazy wedding.

Trouble is, the groom has disappeared, and there is only one person who can help.

Even if it means getting in more trouble, sexy pilot Dexter proves to be what I need in and out of his cockpit…

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Category: Erotic Romance

Pay Up Hot Stuff

by Weston Parker

I slammed my Kia into his Lamborghini and now I’m in deep sh*t. The hottest guy I’ve ever seen is giving me an offer I can’t refuse. Apparently, his mother is on his back about settling down, and he thinks I’m just the girl to play his fake fiancée. He’s got another thing coming if he thinks I’m sleeping with him. I’m not that type of girl. Not yet at least.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

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