Bayou Devils MC 1-4

by A.M. Myers

The Bayou Devils MC will bring you to your knees!

The men of the Bayou Devils MC live by a code of loyalty and justice, working tirelessly to fight for those who cannot defend themselves. These bikers may look like outlaws to many but to the women and children they save from domestic violence, they are heroes. They are stubborn, arrogant, bossy as hell, and once they set their sights on a woman, they won’t stop until they claim her as their own. Not that the women in their lives ever make it easy for them. Through love, loss and blood, they have forged a family of their own but their work comes with risks and doing what is right will cost them more than they ever expected.

This box set contains the first four books in the Bayou Devils MC series:

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

Yours, For Now

by Leonor Soliz

Pretending to date my rich, sexy, sweet friend Gabriel is the key to taking over my family business. But we break our rules and feelings become too real. Do I risk my dreams for the sake of my heart?

Yours, For Now is a slow burn, cozy, dual POV romance, with a strong Latina MFC and a billionaire Latino MMC. This Fake Relationship trope story includes plus size and queer representation, and open door spice.

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Category: Multicultural Romance

A Skeleton in Bone Creek (A Nash Running Bear Mystery Book 1)

by Baer Charlton

It’s a town full of secrets and sins. When a hidden skeleton surfaces in Bone Creek, Special Agent Nash Running Bear is about to uncover them all. Even with old racial slights and hatred for outsiders, Nash is determined to uncover the truth no matter what—even if it means crossing paths with an old high school fling.

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Category: LGBT Romance

Urgent Vows

by Lucy Monroe

I’m running from the mafia right after my sister marries the don. It doesn’t matter that one touch from him sparks all sorts of things it shouldn’t. That’s only one more reason to leave. But when my sister leaves the ruthless and proud don standing at the altar, I’m forced to marry him to save her life.

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Category: Erotic Romance

Convenient Mafia Wife

by Lucy Monroe

Our marriage cemented the alliance between our families. Emotions shouldn’t come into it, but I fell in love with the ruthless underboss I married. Only to him, I’m nothing more than incubator to carry his heirs. I adore our son, but I’ve been putting off having another child. Raff is going to flip when he finds out about the birth control.

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Waves Breaking Over Ys

by Matt Larkin

Men have always had a great many names for our kind, or so my grandmother told me. In the Inner Sea, around Pontus, in waters I have never laid eyes upon, they call us sirens. They fear our songs even as they long to hear such music as would touch their souls. In the eastern ocean, so far that tales of those waters are but legends even to us, they name us ninygo or in-eo. In the lands nigh to where I was born, they whisper of the fearsome fomorii of old, who dwell beneath the waves and rise during storms to devour the unwary. But in Cantref Gwaelod, our city beneath the North Sea, we called ourselves merrows.

We are no friends to Man, and our laws forbid us from revealing ourselves. So why then, do I have memories of a life among them I never led? I remember being the human princess, Dahut, I remember searching for my lost sister Rapunzel. I remember deals with the fae, Rumpelstiltskin. And most of all, I recall the grand city of Kêr-Ys, not as the sunken ruin I know, but as a thriving metropolis in the lowlands.

My memories of this past life demand I find the answers, even if I must defy my kind and risk everything to gain human legs. And the only one who can grant such a boon is the Kelpie …

This retelling of The Little Mermaid blends numerous folk and fairytales into a single narrative set in a Celtic-inspired mythic past.

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Category: Fantasy Romance