Celebration After Dark

by Marie Force

On the occasion of their 40th wedding anniversary, Big Mac and Linda McCarthy take a look back at how they came to be, while each of their children confront a new challenge in their own lives. Come to Gansett Island to celebrate the holidays and the anniversary of the island’s most loved couple!

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Traded: Brody and Kara

by Tess Thompson

Nurse Kara Boggs lost everything because she stood up for what’s right. After turning state’s evidence against her mobster father, she’s forced to go underground with an assumed name. But taking a job for a handsome celebrity quarterback could shine a very dangerous public spotlight.

After leading his team to a Super Bowl win, Brody Mullen should be on top of the world. But he’s shocked when his quiet seaside homecoming reveals his mother in a cast, and her housekeeper dying from a brain tumor. Frantic to get the best care for the women he adores, he hires a gorgeous nurse… despite her strange request to stay publicly invisible.

As Kara’s attraction to the charming jock grows, she becomes trapped by her own high-stakes secrets and the constant threat of exposure. And Brody’s famously strict “no women” rule means falling hard for the beautiful woman could ruin his career.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

My Secret Fantasies

by Joanne Rock

From USA Today bestselling author Joanne Rock comes a grumpy/sunshine relationship rom-com that’s sexy, laugh-out-loud, and delivers an emotional heroine’s journey!

She hoped her ten minutes of fame was over, but just in case, Miranda Cortland is leaving Los Angeles and her past far behind. With new dreams to pursue on the northern California coast and a naughty novel in the works to give her libido a kickstart, Miranda is ready to move on. But when her car breaks down and her rescuer looks like her novel’s hero come to life, she begins to wonder if life really can imitate art. And if so, she can’t wait to write the end of her book starring sexy and brooding Damien Fraser.

When her past comes calling for her, however, Miranda’s chance to start over looks like it’s going up in flames –and her new romance along with it!

My Secret Fantasies is the second book in the Alter Ego series of standalone romance stories.

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Category: Romantic Comedy

Indelibly Yours

by Monica Myers

Joel’s got a somewhat-cranky attitude and a body that’s a living billboard for his arty tattoo studio.
When Olivia thwarts his planned studio expansion he can’t help but hold a grudge.
Single-mother Olivia has dreamed of meeting a Mr. Nice Guy and nothing about Joel screams “smooth sailing ahead.” So why then is she so drawn to him?

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Category: Romantic Comedy

The Mountain Man’s Mail-Order Surprise

by Karla Gracey

Garrett Harding, an orphan raised by the Chippewa Indian tribe, wants a wife and finds one in Katy Jones, a desperate widow fleeing a disease-ridden town. Katy travels to meet Garrett, but must keep a life-changing secret from him until after their wedding, as she fears that if he learns the truth, he may reject her.

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Category: Historical Romance

Faux Love Box Set

by Weston Parker

4 Faux Love Novels for your reading pleasure… These sexy, billionaires needed dates, so they hired the perfect woman to play the role. They never thought they’d fall in love.
Fake it Real Good
Fake it For Money
Fake it For Now
Fake it For Real

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Category: Contemporary Romance