A Tablespoon of Temptation

by Kelly Collins

Danielle Morgan is a woman who values honesty. James Parks is a man telling a lie. Will finding out the truth bring them together or tear them apart? Discover if they have the right ingredients to create something magical or if they are a recipe for disaster in A Tablespoon of Temptation.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Law #1: Never Bet on Love

by Agnes Canestri

A grumpy billionaire. A poor salsa dancer. And an unlikely bet that might just mean losing their hearts…

Everyone knows I’m the next logical choice for CEO when my mother steps down. What everyone seems to doubt, however, is my ability to have a life outside of work that includes a loving relationship. So when my brother bets that I can’t connect deeply enough with a woman to win her heart—and my mother makes winning that bet a condition of my promotion—I accept the challenge. Too bad I never considered what would happen if I was the one to fall in love when all is said and done…

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance

Law #2: Don’t Play with a Player

by Agnes Canestri

A handsome CEO playboy. A sweet, nerdy bookworm. They’re polar opposites. They want completely different things from life. But what if all they really need in order to be happy is each other?

CEO Devon Griffin has a reputation—and it’s not good. I’ve heard all the rumors about him. And if I hadn’t been desperate for a job, I wouldn’t have accepted his offer. But my pile of debt and lack of other prospects left me with little choice. So, I’ll be the best employee he’s ever had. What I will not do is develop a soft spot for my new boss—no matter how devastatingly handsome and charming he is…

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Club Sex

by Tatumn Dixon

Following a twenty-year marriage filled with average sex, Jessica Ward meets a sexy, open-minded man who proposes a sex-life that’s anything but ordinary. On their first date, Kyle reveals his deepest desires to Jessica, which include some of the kinkiest things she’s ever heard—and has her sensual curiosity piqued.

Ready to be seduced into a world of fantasy, Jessica and Kyle visit a sex club where all their sinful cravings are fed—and others are only beginning.

Saucy Sneak Peek: Voyeuristic Pleasure, Down and Dirty Dancing, Girl on Girl Grind, Insatiable Threesomes!

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Category: Erotica

The Matriarch

by Annabelle McInnes

On a scorched and barren future Earth, Yolanda is her people’s only hope. As Matriarch of an all-female nation, the battle-hardened commander fights an impossible war while desperately seeking a way to stop her subjects from dying of thirst. But when the enemy king is beheaded by his own warrior son, she’s offered a truce that will bring the water they urgently need… in return for leaving her populace defenseless.

With his father dead by his hand, the Hammer is determined to rebuild the shattered community the warmongering king’s brutality almost destroyed. In a bold move to strengthen his dwindling numbers, he offers armistice to a dangerous queen and her bloodthirsty horde of fighting women. All he asks in exchange is for her to accompany him to petition the Council to drop their poisonous sanctions…

As they uncover the truth behind the horrific war, Yolanda is surprised when her begrudging respect for her capable companion blossoms into unexpected desire. And though the Hammer learns there’s more to the impassioned fighter than her brutal reputation suggests, he fears giving himself to her could make him a traitor to his own kind.

When their united strength pits them against oppressive factions, will their growing bond become an unbreakable force?

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance

Beth: A Steamy Tale of Friendship and Self Discovery

by Simone Leigh

To Love and be Loved… Is that the Same as Being in Love?

Must We Always Be What Others Expect Of Us?

What is the purpose of our lives?
Must we always put others first, at the expense of our own happiness?
Beth has dreams of her own, but to achieve them, she must overcome the prejudice and assumptions of those who say they love her.
Does she have what it takes to do it?

A Steamy Tale of Friendship and Self Discovery

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Category: Erotic Romance

Damaged Hearts

by Miley Maine

I met Luna when she needed me the most.
But the beautiful woman wasn’t the only one seeking salvation.

I knew I wanted her the moment I saw her.
Fiery red hair, piercing emerald eyes, and the body of a goddess.
Luna’s a dancer with a troubled past.
She’s undeniably charming.
She’s inexperienced in every form of the word.
I crave to take away her innocence.
She’s a small town girl, and I’m a Navy Seal from the city.
The odds are against us, but that only fuels my desires more.
We’ll have to fight to make it out alive, but I won’t give up until my last breath

I will put everything on the line for Luna.
But will my love be enough to save her?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

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