Daddy Bod

by Margot Scott

I’m the biggest motherf***er you’ve ever met, in more ways than one. Most people find me intimidating, and that’s fine. I moved to the country for the solitude. But when the curvy girl of my dreams shows up looking for a room, I can’t turn her away. April’s not just my tenant. She’s mine. She just doesn’t know it yet.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


The Griffin’s Mate

by Zoe Chant

Her magical hometown rejected her years ago. But now her fated mate has found her. And he’s not going to lose her again.

Lainie never knew why her family cast her out. When an unwanted inheritance brings her back to Hideaway Cove, she discovers the town’s magical secrets – and a hot shifter man who’ll stop at nothing to protect and cherish her.

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Category: Paranormal Romance



by Melissa Cassera

When Henry Thorne, a mysterious new boy at Lockwood Prep with precognitive abilities, has a vision of his classmate Natalie Covington’s bleak future, he saves her life — entwining them in a world of secrets, desire, and danger.

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Category: Paranormal Romance


Nailing It

by Nicky Arden

Sparks fly on and off the ice when a sexy performance coach takes on a tough, hockey-playing cop.

Jake Evans is a born leader. He’s a cop by day, and by night he hits the ice as team captain and center forward for the Hunter Huskies, a team of hockey-playing firefighters, cops and EMTs. He’s fast, strategic and tough and knows the rink as intimately as he does a lover’s body. His team is on fire, on track to win the coveted Badges on Ice tournament cup.

Except for one problem.

In championship games, Jake chokes under pressure.

Sophia Lang is a world-renowned performance coach. She’s the one they call when a billionaire tech CEO faints when speaking in public or when an Olympian needs some mental encouragement to scale up from bronze to gold. She only agrees to coach Jake as a favor to a friend.

But Jake doesn’t need a long-legged sexy woman telling him what to do. Especially when she reminds him of a dominatrix he once arrested. He’s only working with her because his teammates will kick him out of his coveted center spot if he doesn’t. He’s hell-bent on showing Sophia who’s boss, even if it means getting her into his bed, where his performance always gets top marks.

Sophia sees right through Jake’s games to the troubled man beneath the tough exterior. She’s determined to control this relationship, no matter where it leads.

However, as unwilling attraction pulls these two together, Sophia discovers she has a stalker. As her ‘fan’ gets uncomfortably closer, there’s no room for games. Especially when a threat to Sophia brings out all Jake’s protective instincts – and kicks up the stakes to a whole new level.

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Category: Contemporary Romance