A Hot Flash of Homicide

by Dawn Dugle

A 40-something police sergeant. Her silver fox birthday present. Could be her soulmate. Could be a murder suspect.
Good times.
Discover a steamy binge-worthy series that’s crazy, sexy, and funny as hell.

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Category: Romantic Comedy


With One Breath (Blackhawk Security Book 1)

by Margaret Watson

CIA agent Laila Burke is undercover in a small Afghan village to teach young girls. But she’s on the run now with a price on her head. Her sexy training agent, Jase Conway and his team are sent to extract her. When they meet again the attraction burns but their odds of survival are slim in this hostile territory.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance


You Didn’t Love Me Then

by Lily Baines

A slow-burn, childhood best friends to lovers, second chance romance. Libby & Luke were best friends growing up in a small beach town until she fell for him and shattered their friendship. 15 years later, they meet again. As their past and present collide, can they get a second chance, or is it years too late?

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Category: Contemporary Romance



by Cynthia A. Rodriguez

Be careful with that one.
These are the first words of advice given to Abel Sommerfeldt upon entering Silverwing Mental Institution.
He has no idea what awaits him here, in a place where hope goes to die, and demons run rampant.
Certainly not a disarmingly beautiful young woman with violent tendencies and an itch for defiance.
But Abel was never one to listen. Not even to his dead mother, whom he still hears, whispering warnings about the girl named Rose with white blonde hair who feels like fate.
He quickly discovers just how dangerous freedom is for Rosamunde Montgomery.
Because sometimes, the most beautiful roses are riddled with thorns.
And he’s willing to learn the hard way.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance


Shared by the Billionaires

by Cassie Cole

Nerdy coder girl? Check.
Massive debt? Double-check.
New job working for three Silicon Valley billionaires at a crypto-currency startup?
Ugh. Triple-check.

Jude Cauthon is nerdy and sweet and awkward in all the right ways. As the Chief Technical Officer of the company, he spends long hours showing me the ropes at the company, with plenty of late nights with just the two of us huddled around his computer screen. And after one especially productive evening at the office? We can’t stop thinking about each other.

Owen March, on the other hand? He’s the cocky know-it-all CEO who struts around like he’s the second coming of Jesus. Sure, he’s young and smoking hot and has enough confidence to lead an army into battle. And yeah, his smoldering emerald gaze sends shivers up my spine every time he glances in my direction. But soon his teases and taunts take on a playful edge, and I begin looking forward to the hacker pranks we’ve been pulling on each other…

Then there’s Furio Rossi, the Italian billionaire who just invested in our company. He’s the tall, dark, and handsome descendant of Roman royalty, and he kisses my hand and fawns over me like I’m an angel sent from heaven. And when he invites me to Italy to audit one of his tech companies, I wonder how deep his affection goes.

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Category: Romantic Comedy


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