Erotica Short Stories for Women

by Jessie Cardins

Hell yes! These stories’ dirty, juicy bits are very detailed and scorching hot!!!
This collection includes forbidden older men, menages, bullies, innocent little brats, double entries and so much more of the good stuff!
Don’t miss out on this sizzling collection, download your hot naughty fun now, dive in when you’re ready and enjoy.

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Category: Erotica

Blood Song: Prelude

by Charli B Rose

His blood sings for hers.
Musical genius. Bloodthirsty monster. I was both, sometimes one more than the other. The bloodthirst was my curse. Songwriting was my joy. I hated what I was, so I shut myself away, even as they came to accept vampires as part of normal society. It worked fine for nearly a hundred years. But it seemed the world was no longer content to let me be a recluse selling my songs from the shadows. They demanded I step into the light.
College student. Orphan. I was one, then the other. Tragedy snatched everything from me and left me with so many questions. So, I devised a dangerous plan to sell the only thing of value I had left, myself, to a vampire. All to uncover the truth surrounding my father’s death. I left one nightmare for another.
Can a monster turn into her dream come true?
This is Book 1 in a completed trilogy.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

The Winning Score

by G.K. Brady

Quinn Hadley only does one thing as well as he plays hockey—charming the ladies. He has a certain type—hot, blond, and easy. So when he meets fiery, brunette Sarah Nelson, bagging her is nowhere on his radar. Plus, she’s his teammate’s sister and totally off-limits.

But his disabled mother loves Sarah and wants her as a caregiver. With COVID-19 putting everyone on lockdown, Quinn offers Sarah the position, despite the warning bells clanging in his head.

Sarah is fleeing a devastating breakup and needs a job pronto. So when Quinn offers her a temporary job making stupid money, she accepts—despite the fact she has to live under the same roof with a guy who turns her stomach.

When Mr. Smooth and Ms. Prickly shelter in place together, not even his mansion is big enough to contain the fireworks. These two are sparks colliding with gas: combustible and explosive.

Someone’s bound to get burned.

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Category: Sports Romance

The American Duke

by August Jade Sterling

Can the mixed-race descendants of former American slaves and an English duke survive and find love among the British aristocracy? Filled with romance, espionage, and murder, The American Duke is a thrilling fictional glimpse into the factual historical intersection between Black Americans and the British aristocracy.

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Category: Historical Romance

Dragon Fairest

by Amberlyn Holland

There’s no doubt a runaway princess accused of cursing her own family is exactly the kind of trouble Jack should avoid.

Despite his intention to keep Kynara at arm’s length, though, her intriguing mix of vulnerability and stubborn determination draws him like no one else ever has.

But helping her means revealing a secret that could cost him his freedom. Or his life.

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