Flame and Ember

by M.A. Nichols

A heartbroken man, a frustrated spinster, and a marriage of convenience that proves quite inconvenient.

Simon Kingsley is in desperate need of a wife. After years of searching, he finally found love. Unfortunately, she wed another, and now, it’s time to settle for someone with whom he can share his life. Love is no longer an option for a man whose heart is irrevocably broken.

Mina Ashbrook longs to marry for love but knows she’s too old, too plump, and too plain to catch a gentleman’s eye. And a marriage of convenience is better than being a spinster sister living off her brother’s charity. Simon may not love her now, but Mina knows there’s hope—if she can convince him that love comes in many forms.

Will Mina find a way to heal Simon’s heart? Or will the shadows of the past keep them from finding happiness together?

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Category: Historical Romance


by Shelley Munro

Wrong time. Right dragon.

Liza: single-mother with an obnoxious ex. An aspiring writer, she glimpses the unbelievable during a research trip, and when she awakens after the resulting car crash, she isn’t in England any longer.

Dragon shifter Leonidas, Champion of the Skies, is the youngest son, and his parents have arranged a betrothal for him with Nan, The Strongminded.

Once Liza crashes into Leo’s life, everything changes. While his family is baying for her death, instinct propels Leo to protect this attractive stranger. Their friendship deepens as they attempt to discover how and why they met. What they learn will rip apart the dragon world and propel the inhabitants of the Dragon Isles into an unknown future.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Midnight Kiss

by Lisa Marie Rice

She was supposed to be just a job …

Luke Reynolds is doing a favor for his new company — protecting a beautiful and brainy computer genius who is in the crosshairs of someone dangerously powerful. Normally, Luke is all business on the job, but Hope Ellis gets under his skin in the worst way. How is he supposed to protect that luscious body when he keeps getting distracted by deep green eyes and soft red lips? There’s no room for mistakes because an extremely powerful man with an army at his back wants her dead. Luke must figure out what in Hope’s past is clawing its way to the present before the woman he is falling in love with ends up a gorgeous corpse.

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance

Implicit Desire (Desiring my Boss)

by Skye-Anne Chariss

There’s nothing more romantic than Fantasizing about your Boss.

Unknown Beauty and Attractiveness

Peril was a young, beautiful and brilliant student lawyer who came to the City to do her law articles. She led a simple life and her first job was in a small law firm that was not promising and could not even pay her a decent salary. She lived at the mercy of friends who also had expectations from her.

Everything changed when a bigger law firm appointed her. They changed everything about her, from her clothes, her looks and her apartment. When they were done with her, she looked like she walked out of a magazine, he beauty turned heads and she felt it

Exploring the unknown

Peril, as beautiful and flawless as she was, she had never explored her sexuality to the fullest. She was a shy, sexy, scorching flame that invited the sinful to indulge in their sexual pleasures by mere looking at her. She allowed herself to explore and adventure into the unknown, but will she be able to go back to the innocent girl she was? She found herself bound by her passion that would take her beyond her limits to the sweet, sharp edge of desires…

Obsessed with YOU

From the moment she first saw the Boss, who treated her like a little princess. Peril realized that he had something in him that she needed. Something she couldn’t resist. She needed him as surely as she needed her heart to beat.

No one ever made her feel like that.
Driven by her desires and sexuality, she was determined to get into the Boss’s pants. She was prepared to defy all the odds. Will she risk it all?

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Category: Erotic Romance

The Tender Kiss of Fate

by Vlad Kahany

Once upon a time, he broke her heart. And now he may be the only one who can heal it.

For five years Blanche Carey has tried to forget Marko Farini. His eyes. His kiss. His touch. And… how he disappeared—without a good-bye, leaving Blanche to the mercy of other men.
Now she is a courtesan at a luxury brothel on Piccadilly. And Marko is back from Paris and in charge of Elysium. The extravagant venture takes London by storm. And Marko sets Blanche’s heart on fire again, making her reckless and blind to anything around, including Lettice Mable Hatch.

Lettice is Marko’s former paramour and Blanche’s worst enemy. She is as beautiful as she is dangerous. Her beauty shop conned many women across Europe, and now she is back in London. But one thing Lettice Hatch is even better than deceiving people—it’s ruining their lives. And Blanche is her favorite target.

Marko’s life spins out of control as he juggles his new venture and Blanche—the woman who has captured his heart and never let go. And now is his only chance to make things right.

Secrets. Unspoken words. Feelings so deep they scare. And the wrath of the woman that can ruin it all. “The Tender Kiss of Fate” is a tale of love and second chances.

WARNING: The book contains scenes of an explicit nature and drug use. The Belle House is a brothel, and many characters are of the world’s oldest profession. That being said, if you have issues with any of the above, please, don’t purchase or read the book, for it’s not your cup of tea, and your anger is not mine. Thank you.

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Category: Historical Romance

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