by Angel Devlin

Realtor Tiffany’s life changes when she meets client Henry and he introduces her to a world she didn’t know existed. Then she meets neighbor Brandon and likes him too. But does she have to choose…

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Category: Erotic Romance



by Emily Jane Trent

Navy SEAL Ryker’s VIP client is a prima donna, but he won’t refuse to protect her from a dangerous stalker. It doesn’t take long for her to steal his heart, but he struggles to embrace love again. When danger closes in, Ryker is willing to take a bullet for her – if he’s not too late.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance


In The Viscount’s Arms

by Allyson Jeleyne

Reeling from the death of her parents, eldest daughter Octavia strives to be a source of strength for her sisters. She defies their grandfather’s high-handed meddling—and his desire to see the Staunton girls married. She forges her own path to independence, which leads to the gates of Caswell Hall. There, the governess has just quit her post, leaving a vacant spot in the local lord’s household.

Simon, Viscount Althorne, is impressed by the sensible, dark-haired beauty, and hires her to teach his wayward young niece. He resents the loss of his carefree bachelor days, and longs to see the child settled so that he may return to London. But one perfect English summer turns their plans upside down, and he becomes hopelessly drawn to the one woman he cannot have—the family governess.

Can Simon convince her that he is a gentleman worth loving? Will Octavia allow herself to fall for a man beyond her reach? Or will class and duty separate them forever?

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Category: Historical Romance


Hoping to Score

by Ajme Williams

Women fall in love with me for two reasons:
My money and my celebrity status.

So when Regan showed up at my doorstep with a child next to her, I thought I was in trouble.

Deep, deep trouble.

Let’s be clear.

That baby isn’t hers.
The mother? Her deceased sister.
The father? Well, me.

And who am I?
I’m the injured football star who is unable to play the Superbowl.
Apparently, I’m also a new father.

Regan thought that I would throw money at her and turn them away.
But now, I want more than just my kid.
I also want his aunt – Regan herself.
She can’t hide the fact that she wants me too.
Our connection is so fiery, it could destroy our fragile worlds.

But actions have consequences and mine is staring me in the face.
Another baby.
Another secret.

My only requirement from a woman after finding out that my own kid had been hidden from me… is honesty.

Turns out, history has repeated itself and honesty is the only thing that Regan wouldn’t give me….

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Category: Contemporary Romance


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