Baby For My Grumpy Boss

by Harley Chambers

An Enemies to Lovers Romance:

My brother’s billionaire best friend is a real grump and now I’m pregnant with his baby.

As Lee’s Personal Assistant you would think he would at least notice me.

I watch those beautiful blue eyes on that handsome face with the stern look everyday.

As he walks past my desk with his young son, he barely acknowledges me.

Except, when we are in fake engagement mode to give the appearance of a happy family-to-be for the sake of his son’s custody battle.

His son and I have become quite close and he wants me to be his new mom.

His ex-wife wants visitation rights and she’s serious this time about completing rehab.

Playing engaged has ignited feelings within us that couldn’t be ignored.

But things get complicated when I find out I’m pregnant and he thinks I’m trying to trap him like his ex did…

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Beyond Her Touch: A Viking Time Travel Romance (Book 1)

by pdmac

Imagine finding the love of your life only to lose him 1000 years ago.
Nordic professor Erik Jonsson lived a life of dull routine: predictable, consistent, and alone. That was until Tone Thorgilsdottir showed up in class. Awakening long dormant passions, Tone captures Erik’s heart, unleashing a craving and desire he’d never felt before. A winning Time Travel lottery ticket adds to the excitement and the two lovers decide to head back to the time of King Alfred the Great and find a priest to officiate their marriage.
Unfortunately, a glitch in the Time Machine sends them back a hundred years earlier… to Lindisfarne… just as Vikings attack the monastery. In the ensuing confusion and battle, Eric is left behind.
Now Tone must find a way to go back in time to rescue him… that is, if he’s still alive.

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Category: Time Travel Romance

Hidden in Time: A Viking Time Travel Romance (Book 2)

by pdmac

Frustrated with their efforts to retrieve the wayward time travelers, Time Travel Incorporated (TTI) decides to solve the problem with a more permanent solution. If you can’t bring them back, eliminate them where they are. An assassination team is sent to the past with the mission of tying up loose ends.
Meanwhile, hoping TTI will finally accept that they will never come back and leave them alone, Erik and Tone settle down on the farm that Jarl Halfdan has given him. Unfortunately, Jarl Thorsten believes he has a claim to the farm and decides to exercise that claim by sending battle-hardened men to challenge Erik to individual combat. Much to Thorsten’s dismay, Erik not only defeats all challengers, he manages to gain another farm deep in Thorsten’s jarldom. Thorsten’s solution?
Kidnap Tone.

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Hero Complex

by Isobel Reed

Fake it till you make it, that’s what they say.

And that’s what Ivy was doing. She’d do anything to save her ranch. Anything. Including pretending to be engaged to a handsome, retired Marine to placate her sexist clients. Not that draping herself over Ace was a hardship. It wasn’t. She just wished he could get over his hero complex and stop trying to save her. There were far better ways they could be spending their time.

Sweet, shy, and babbling Ivy had gotten so far under Ace’s skin, he knew he was in trouble. Faking a relationship may have been his idea but he knew deep down he didn’t stand a chance with her in real life. Medically discharged from the military, it wasn’t just internal battle scars he’d been left with, he also had some big ugly ones on his face too. If he couldn’t even look himself in the mirror, no one else ever would be able to either.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Bender (Steel Scorpions MC Book 1)

by Savannah Rylan

When a reporter sticks her nose into our club’s business, I have to find a way to keep her away from the truth. Problem is I can’t stop thinking about her.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


The Accidental Fiance

by Christi Barth

Sydney can endure anything for 90 days—including making sandwiches and serving coffee–until she returns to her jet-setter career. When her grandma mistakes a handsome customer for the “fiancé” Sydney created when she thought her grandma was on death’s door, well…Sydney will do anything to keep her spirits up during treatment. She can persuade him to keep up the charade for a few months. But when Alex agrees to play along, will they both fall for their own fiction?

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Passionate Encounters

by Kris Kassady

A collection of steamy novellas, full of passion, heat, and guaranteed happily-ever-afters.

“A coming of age young love, age gap romances, daimsel in distress, discovering love unexpectedly, just to name a few. All of the women are strong & independent while all of the men are desirable, but nobody is perfect. These characters are real & relatable, and their steamy encounters may leave you breathless. Enjoy!!!” Amazon review of Passionate Encounters

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Category: Collections & Anthologies Romance


Silverlake Shifters Boxed Set

by Anastasia Wilde

Wild wolves, wild hearts! The Silverlake Shifters are on the hunt for their fated mates, and they’ll do anything to find them and protect them from danger. Three complete shifter romance novels in one hot, delicious bundle!

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Category: Paranormal Romance