by Alandra Knight

The Obsession is real, but it’s not what you think…

I am Blaze Hudson, king of the club, and Sabrina is the perfect queen for me.
She has a spitfire-cutthroat personality, she’s intelligent, beautiful, and she’s more intoxicating to me than any drug.
She’s quickly becoming the object of my obsession.
Blaze Hudson, the tall, dark, handsome, bad boy.
I need him more than I need my next breath.
He’s the object of my growing obsession.
I am his queen and he is my king until…
he commits the ultimate betrayal
now all that I am obsessed with is REVENGE,
but I must be careful-if my secrets are exposed,
it’s not only my life I have to worry about.

Is revenge worth the risk if the stakes are this high?

Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer…
the question is- Who’s your friend and who’s your enemy?

Obsessed is book one of Alandra Knight’s Obsession Series
part of a series that must be read in order in its entirety for the full story. May contain cliffhangers and triggers, reader discretion is advised. 18+

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance


Fallen Warriors

by Aurora Welkin

We are warriors. We are shifters. We are Saberians.
We are the greatest…until we fall.
When the females of Saber mysteriously die, Prince Arana, the only remaining member of the Royal family, vows to govern the living and avenge the fallen.
As if being the new king was not enough, Arana faces a grave challenge. He and Beast, his sabertooth half, need to play nice long enough to accomplish the only thing that will save them—finding compatible females for his people.
He needs to lead his warriors by example, else his failure will cost him more than just his life. Will he locate a mate Beast will accept in time, or will he be leading to doom those he pledged to protect?

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Category: Paranormal Romance


Love Faith & Tender Kisses

by Lisa Renee and Other Authors

Boy meets girl. Man meets woman. Sparks fly. All good love stories start here and usually face a myriad of challenges before the young couple find that together they are better. This set of Contemporary Christian romance stories come from writers across both sides of the pond and Downunder, proving that romance is not only a sweet thing, it’s global. Here’s a set of stories to inspire, encourage faith, and meet all the warm-fuzzy expectations.

In this boxset, you’ll receive a total of seven novellas from these popular Christian Romance authors:

Fake Engagement Mistake © 2021 by Lisa Renee
Last Flight Home © 2021 Milla Holt
Falling for Maddie Grace © 2021 Meredith Resce
The Billionaire’s Impromptu Bet © 2021 Lorana Hoopes
His Perfect Catch © 2021 Narelle Atkins
Originally Yours © 2021 Carolyn Miller
Imperfectly Proverbs 31 © 2021 Autumn Macarthur

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance


Big Daddy

by K.C. Crowne

What can a hard-headed city girl have in common with a recluse lumberjack?
Other than amazing, mind-blowing s*x?…
So much more than meets the eye.

His colossal Adonis frame,
Larger than life personality,
And habit of staring at me for too long…
All add up to one horrible first impression.

Brody demands I put a hard stop to my father’s development project.
Now both my stress levels…
And my libido are on fire.

I’m not one to back down easily.
And Brody is now officially my father’s worst enemy.

But one day the big intimidating mountain man meets my sweet six year old girl…
And a completely different side of him comes out.
Lurking beneath the gruff exterior and beard could be the heart of a romantic.
And I finally allow my heart…and my libido do the talking.

But I can’t help wonder, can I help Brody save the forest from destruction?
And the more pressing question….
How will I break the news to my father that I’m knocked up with the person he hates most?

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Category: Contemporary Romance


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