Turning the Page

by Jean Marie

…you know what they say about best-laid plans…

I don’t need his help.

Sure, maybe renovating a restaurant and opening your own business might seem like too much for one person to handle but I don’t need anyone’s help. Especially not Jack Fuller’s.

When my life in the city blew up in my face, I came home to to figure out what I’m doing with my life. I’m back in Carraway Falls after 8 years away to build something for myself. Connecting with an old friend is all good fun but I’m not looking for anything more.

Sure maybe Jack grew up and became a hotter than sin firefighter but that’s neither here nor there. A small little crush from my childhood isn’t going to distract me from my plans.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

His Curvy Friend

by Mary E Thompson

Ian was not the kind of man who wanted forever. He was a fun, flirty, one night only type. Blake knew getting involved with him would only break her heart, but her best friend’s brother was too tempting to turn down. When everything she thought she knew about Ian is turned upside down, Blake has to decide if she’s brave enough to take a chance on the kind of love she never thought existed.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

The Opposite of Wild

by Kylie Gilmore

A tough cop, a type-A woman, and an out-of-control grandmother collide in this laugh-out-loud opposites attract small-town romance!

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Full Circle: The Love of a Lifetime (part 1)

by Buffy Eau Claire

Part 1 of this 5-part unusual contemporary mini-series finds Stacie in a whirlwind romance which starts out exciting. The 1990’s looked promising for this not-yet 20-year-old small town Canadian girl. But her love affair with an older man is not what it seems.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

The Demon in Me

by Michelle Rowen

When police psychic Eden Riley is possessed by Darrak, a demon with a checkered past, she quickly realizes that he isn’t leaving any time soon. By day he takes a very appealing form, but by night he needs her—for her body. Can she learn to live with this sexy demon? “What a charming, hilarious book!” — Mary Janice Davidson

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Stand For Ukraine: A Charity Anthology from The New Romance Cafe

by Multiple Authors

Stand For Ukraine: A Charity Anthology from The New Romance Cafe

Protect the innocent.

Provide for families.

We stand with Ukraine.

Across the globe, authors have come together to provide stories filled with hope, heart and understanding, inspired by the events of February 2022.

STAND FOR UKRAINE is a collection of romance, women’s fiction and poetry. Proceeds go to Save the Children’s efforts to provide Ukrainian children with food, warmth, shelter and psychological support.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Pleasurable Dominance and Control

by Skye-Anne Chariss

Lizze, a virgin, is prepared to sacrifice her purity to save her ailing father. What will this hecatomb cost her…….

Lizze is desperate and accepts an agreement that allows Peligrad to use her body as he wishes. Lizze has one condition that her dying father gets medical attention.

Peligrad plays all games with her body and she finds her body responding to his silly games, although her mind tells her otherwise.

Lizze is a virgin. Will she be able to give her body and soul to Peligrad to use as he pleases? Will Peligrad honor his agreement?

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Category: Erotic Romance

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