Falling For You: A Sweet Small Town Romance

by Leeanna Morgan

Fans of Robyn Carr’s Virgin River series will love this feel-good, small-town romance. When Natalie moves into her grandparents’ cottage in Sapphire Bay, she meets her unexpected housemate: crime writer Gabe! Will their budding friendship turn into something more — or will his past life as a detective get in the way? A USA Today bestselling author delivers an exciting romance!

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance


Forever a Soldier

by Genevieve Turner

Newly returned home from combat, Hank is battered, but not quite broken. He’s all alone—just like he wants… until one irrepressible woman invades his sanctuary.

She launches a charm attack Hank can’t resist. But when she threatens to unearth Hank’s secrets, their hearts might not survive the upheaval.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Love is Rage

by Shanna Bell

Could you give love a second chance after a betrayal?
Sixteen years have passed when Viking discovers Elena has left him while pregnant with his child. Now, the daughter comes knocking on his door because her mother is missing. If you’re into a second chance mafia romance with a strong female and an alpha male, then this is the book for you.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Ménage Erotica Bundle – Eight Sexy Stories of Adults Living Their Dreams

by Alexandra Noir

You deserve a little adventure, don’t you?

This bundle of explicit stories are all about adults stepping out of their routines and trying new things. Whether that’s a threesome, a foursome, a kinky adventure with a stranger, and so much more!

Alexandra Noir has spent her life pushing the boundaries of what is supposed to be acceptable. She’s been a swinger, a dominatrix, a stripper, and a cuckoldress. She’s happy to share her adventures with you. Apparently she’s an exhibitionist as well!

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Category: Erotic Romance


Choosing Her Alpha

by Isoellen

Sasha’s situation has reached critical mass.

Her mother is dying, and her step-father Merrick is a jackal waiting to stake his claim the second she is legal. In her world, Sasha is promised a choice. But if Merrick gets his way she will be married before anyone can protest against it.

Desperate to secure the futures of herself and her workers, Sasha makes a dangerous gamble… She seeks out Constantine Kane, the most feared and respected man in the 12 Sectors.

Sasha has made her choice… Will it be one she lives to regret?


This story is an epic fairy tale romance with a damsel in distress who doesn’t wait for her prince to find her. It is set in a dystopian world where violence and sexual situations are a part of daily life. It features extreme themes unsuitable for some readers. Proceed with caution. No cliffhanger, and happily-ever-after guaranteed.

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Category: Paranormal Romance


Lady of the Dead

by Gretchen S.B.

He only has three days to bed his mate, but she is nowhere to be found…

As the first Lady of the Dead born in the North American Kingdom, Gwen is guarded like a hawk. When ghosts reveal a dangerous rebellion brewing, a handsome general shows up to investigate.

King Caesar can’t help but worry when he hears of rebellion. Posing as his second-in-command, he travels to the Pacific Northwest and lays eyes on the beautiful, independent Gwen. But when a chance touch sends a flash of energy through his body, Caesar learns two things: Gwen is meant to be his mate and if he fails to bed her he’ll go mad in just three days.

As he struggles with the Maddening, Gwen escapes without a trace. With the rebellion imminent and Caesar quickly losing his mind, Gwen has a choice: help the king or risk a terrible war to win her own freedom…

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Category: Paranormal Romance


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