by Logan Fox

They call them the Serpents.

Knox, Mason, Silas.

These sick, twisted psychos are the untouchable elites at Cinderhart Academy.

I’d never get involved with such dangerous guys despite how gorgeous, rich, and influential they are.

But after I witness them committing a sadistic crime, I’m dragged kicking and screaming into their dark, depraved world.

If they plan to break me, they’re late to the party.

Nim Winters isn’t the same girl who stumbled onto their crime scene a few months ago.

I have nothing to left to lose.

The Serpents? They have everything…but not for long.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

All At Once, A Dad: A Sweet Secret Baby Romance

by Christie Logan

Rye Costello’s a loner whose rough childhood makes him reluctant to trust anyone. But his solitude ends when a strange woman shows up on his doorstep and tells him he has a son. A son he never knew existed.
When the little boy is left with him, Rye calls one person he can trust—Moira McIntyre, his best friend’s younger sister. She’s a great mom, and the perfect person to teach a panicky new dad the ropes.
With her help, Rye starts to think he’s getting a handle on this dad thing. His chances with Moira look good, too. She’s the one who got away. Now that she’s free, he’d gladly trade his solitude for a future with her. Until Moira’s ex tries to push himself back into her life and ghosts from Rye’s past threaten his determination to keep his little boy.
Now he stands to lose both his son and the love of his life.

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance

Journeys: the Archers of Saint Sebastian

by Jeanne Roland

Marieke disguises herself as a boy at the elite, all-male archers’ guild where her father was once a star archer. Soon she’s vowing to help the most charming young Journeyman archer in the place beat out his brutal arch-rival in the guild trials, without ever letting him discover her secrets. Escape into romance in this coming-of-age adventure full of action, angst, longing, first love, almost-kisses, and a guild full of handsome archers in medieval Belgium!

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Category: Historical Romance

Playboy Billionaire’s Fake Marriage

by Judy Hale

When the woman who can’t stand me suddenly finds herself in need of a husband,

She crashes my fake wedding and offers herself as my wife,

Agreeing to play by my rules- the very ones she hates.

The plan was simple, or so I thought: Marry, become CEO, and divorce in six months.

I’m determined to focus on the goal, but she’s tailor-made to drive me crazy.

Her body is pure sin, every teasing smirk makes my palms itch, and her defiant submission leaves me hard and throbbing.

She’s only doing this for her niece, but living with her ignites something inside me that I thought was long dead.

And everyday it’s getting harder not to tear down her walls make her truly mine.

Until in a twist of fate, our pasts collide; One terrible night from seven years ago.

A devastating secret changes everything, compelling me to give up all I’ve fought for,

In exchange for the one thing I now can’t afford to lose: My wife.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Crazy to Believe

by Madison Michael

Sofia is focusing on her career, not on some dare to get married. But she longs for family. Jeremy suddenly a billionaire before forty is gun-shy about dating. Still, their attraction is immediate and electrifying and things quickly progress. But Jeremy is Sofia’s boss, and soon spies, lies and misunderstandings threaten any promise the couple has for a future.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Grumpy Billionaire Single Dad

by Harley Chambers

Grumpy Billionaire Single Dad: An Enemies to Lovers Romance

I was supposed to help this grumpy, hot, billionaire pick out a new bed for his mansion. Instead, I ended up in it.

Despite being ten years older, Maxwell’s deep green eyes and 6-pack abs are irresistible and drive me to distraction..

I’m the interior designer for his newly built mansion.

This opportunity could skyrocket my company to global recognition, making my dreams come true.

He didn’t put up with push back from anyone… until he met me.

We butt heads at every turn but underneath it all is an animalistic attraction that just can’t wait to unleash itself.

As the project moves along, the sexual tension between us builds to a fever pitch.

I have to get this project finished in time for his young daughter’s birthday, but there’s a sinister figure from my past who’s threatening to expose a deep buried secret.

I’ll soon find out if he can get past my secret or if everything I’ve built with him will be lost.

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance