Big Brother’s Quarterback Friend

by Izzie Vee

My best friend, Amy, made it pretty clear in our girls’ code,
Dating your bestie’s brother is totally off-limits and unforgivable.
That’s why I’m keeping this dirty little secret.
Her brother, the annoying star quarterback who made my life hell when we were kids … well … 2 years ago, I kissed the bully, but that secret’s buried with the memories of that steamy night.
Until Austin returns to town, to attend our college.
I can’t ignore the fire that ignites between us when we’re close. I don’t walk away when he tempts me with that charming smile, when he lures me in with the body that was made to pleasure a woman.
The warning bells go off in my head, telling me to run. He’s not worth the trouble. He’s a heartbreaker; he’ll ruin my life.
But what if I can get one taste?
And I’ll keep my heart protected.
Just one, and Amy will never find out
Do I dare cross the line with my V-card?

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Category: Erotic Romance


by Rebecca Main

Gran had warned her to stay out of the woods… She should have listened.

Zoelle couldn’t have predicted one late night run under the full moon would change the course of her life forever. But when she’s thrust into the paranormal world that hides in plain sight alongside her own, she must learn to navigate her newfound magical abilities as a witch…

And the local alpha, Xander Adolphus, who’s convinced they’re “fated”.

Xander will do anything to protect his pack, but when Zoelle enters his life under unusual circumstances, he knows only one thing: he must have her—no matter the cost.

After forcing her hand to bind them together, they must both face the consequences of his actions. Including the power to ignite a war… or end one.

Can Zoelle keep a grip on her old life and dreams? Or will she surrender to the alpha and this new magical world?

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Her Filthy Linebacker

by Gigi Love

She’s a virgin. He’s the star linebacker of the football team. After one, intense night that could wreck everything for them, where do they go from here?

Holt Barlowe
I’m a keep-to-myself kind of guy.

I’m the strong-but-silent type.

And being a college celebrity makes that impossible.

People are always looking at me. Asking to take selfies with me. Wanting to get in bed with me so they can tell their friends they slept with Holt Barlowe.

For me, it’s just always about the game.

I could leave all the rest of it behind.

So, this girl is a breath of fresh air for me.

Sunny lives up to her name.

She’s dripping in sunshine.

And I want to get so close to her that she burns me alive.

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Category: Sports Romance

Veiled Devotion

by Gia Cobie

Held captive for months by a dangerous vampire, Grace has nearly given up hoping for freedom. Until Roman, a vampire with the unique ability to see emotion in others, senses her fear and comes to rescue her. Despite her fear of vampires, Grace can’t ignore their connection. But the danger still isn’t over. When her captor comes for her once again, Roman will do anything to keep Grace safe. Will their love be enough, or will Roman end up losing Grace forever?

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Veiled Destiny

by Gia Cobie

Five years ago, Ivy was changed into a vampire against her will. In the years since, she has isolated herself, fearing she’s a threat to others. One night, she finds herself in danger, and is rescued by an unlikely savior.

After their unexpected encounter, Ethan is instantly drawn to Ivy, but it’s clear she’s haunted by secrets. He’s determined to convince her to give him a chance, to prove he can be trusted.

As their connection grows deeper, outside forces conspire to pull them apart. Faced with an unavoidable truth, Ethan and Ivy will have to fight even harder to stay together.

Just as a happy ending is in sight, a sinister conspiracy threatens to tear them apart forever. Can Ethan and Ivy withstand the forces working against them and find a destiny together?

$0.99 Previously $2.99