Werewolf Breeding Academy

by Beatrix Arden

Newly turned Riley thought she could get her wolf under control by enrolling in a school for werewolves. Unfortunately it’s nothing more than a set up to encourage young werewolves to breed with each other.

With nowhere to go, Riley has no choice but to stay, but can she avoid the attention of Elijah, a haughty pureblood werewolf who despises people like her.

Spicy werewolf shifter fated mates erotica romance short story for adults 18+. Contains plenty of sexy adult smut.

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Category: Erotic Romance


Heir of the Tide

by Louise Shepard

The price of a mermaid’s freedom is a deal that will risk her heart.

Nia has three weeks to kill a mermaid of royal blood and break the curse that took her tail, or she’ll be stuck on land forever. To make things worse, she’s stuck with Kyan Emrik – the heir of the sea witch who tore apart her family – until she fulfills her end of the bargain. He’s a distraction she can’t afford, and a temptation she can’t resist. Kyan’s touch sets Nia aflame with longing for something more than the sea, and he makes her question everything she thought she knew about the dark history their families share. But in such treacherous waters, trust is a dangerous gamble, and even love comes at a price.

A spicy standalone fantasy romance perfect for fans of Elise Kova and Sarah J. Maas, Heir of the Tide is an adult reimagining of the Little Mermaid with an enemies-to-lovers twist.

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Category: Fantasy Romance


Rescued by the Mountain Man

by Zoey Rose

Who knew my rescuer would be a hunky blacksmith straight out of the books I write?

When I get lost in the wilderness, I’m sure it’s going to be one embarrassing rescue. Until I lose consciousness and open my eyes to an older, muscle-bound blacksmith in the same bed I’m in.

But Dylan’s not just biceps, fierce dark eyes, and a delicious mountain-man beard. He’s a sweetheart, taking care of me, cooking, calling for help. His past is a secret, though – a secret he guards as fiercely as his solitude.

And when night falls, we face a classic romance novel dilemma: one bed, two people. He offers to take the floor, but the thought of his warm body close to mine, sharing a bed, is unexpectedly tempting.
Innocent city girl meets seasoned wilderness man – and we both know it. He’s experienced, good with his hands, and leaves me breathless for more.

Yet, I have doubts. Is this anything but an almost 24-hour dream? Or is he willing to fight for more? To leave everything behind for a shot at our happiness together?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Protected by the Mountain Man

by Zoey Rose

Running away from an arranged marriage was my choice. Stumbling into the arms of an irresistible sheriff was our fate.

Gruff. My savior. The one who faced three guys and didn’t bat an eye. Brad is all that and the man who makes my heart beat fast. Every glance is a sizzling invitation. Every touch sends a shiver down my spine.

When he invites me to his home because I have nowhere to go, I hesitate. It’s too soon. We just met; I don’t fully know his intentions, and I’m still a bride on the run.

Yet the moment he appears before me, wet from the shower with nothing but a towel wrapped around his torso? I’m spellbound. His entire body is absolute perfection, but the scars on his heart are deep, and they only draw me in more.

Each kiss is a step toward the unknown. Yet, I’m unsure. Can I close my eyes, let go of my past and step forward?

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The Auckland Billionaires (A Boss in a Billion Collections Book 1)

by Serenity Woods

Escape into a world of luxury, passion, and New Zealand’s beautiful landscape with these three sizzling billionaire romances by USA Today bestselling author Serenity Woods.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Cinderella Busted

by Petie McCarty

Once upon a time, in Jupiter Island, Florida . . .

Billionaire developer, Rhett Buchanan, is forced to inspect a shipment of priceless trees and meets the girl of his dreams instead. A bit jaded where women are concerned—since most are gold diggers—Rhett falls head over heels for the Jupiter Island socialite who only wants him, not his money. Except she isn’t the glamorous socialite she appears to be.

She’s the gardener . . .

The Cinderella Romances Series. This swoonworthy romantic tale stands alone with its own happily ever after, just like the other two books in the series.
Betting on Cinderella—Book 2
Par for Cinderella—Book 3

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Category: Contemporary Romance