West of Jaws

by Capes

“The only thing dumber than convincing the imminent Male Alpha of Velm to help me find Oko would be falling in love with him along the way.”

Helisent West of Jaws, a witch, and Samson 714 Afador, a wolf, don’t have much in common.
He’s in line to become the Male Alpha of Velm, she’s a red witch with a questionable relationship to brandy. But that doesn’t matter. They don’t need to get along when they strike up a partnership to hunt down Oko, a mutual enemy.
All they need to do is survive a trip to Skull, the City of Ghosts… and then a run-in with a filthy bloodsucker, a prophecy-wielding selkie, a pack of wolves, and an irate phoenix.
As each hurdle brings Helisent and Samson closer to finding Oko, their discoveries begin to point to a single conclusion—one that will destroy the trust they’ve placed in each other and change their world forever.

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Category: Fantasy Romance

Punished and Used – Sixty Explicit Stories of BDSM, Ménage, Discipline, Spanking, Femdom, and More

by Alexandra Noir

We all deserve to be punished and used once in a while.

I know that I do!

This bundle has over sixty stories of BDSM, Discipline, Spanking, Dominance, and Submission.

A CEO who needs to be dominated at night by multiple men to keep her bearings.

A Professional Dominatrix who needs to punished for the things she enjoys doing to men.

An Army Private who gets disciplined by her commanding officer, then by her whole platoon.

A detective who goes undercover as a dominatrix to crack a case.

These stories and dozens more are available in this bundle!

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Category: Erotic Romance

After Him

by Kelly Finley

To the rest of the world, Redix Dean is Hollywood’s bad boy, their naughty Romeo. To me, he’s my crushing soulmate. The one with a dark secret.

Because Redix is so hot he breaks hearts upon sight. I’m no exception. When we were teens, he promised he’d love me for infinity. After one tragic night that I can’t remember, he lied. He moved to LA, found celebrity success, and left me with no answers. Only haunting questions, a destroyed heart, and an obsession for revenge.

Now he’s back and thinks he can seduce me again?

He was the love of my life. My first everything.
No matter how famous he is, he’s still the boy who saved me. Everyone sees his beauty, his fame. I see his pain. Everyone is after him. They all want him. While it’s my turn to save him this time.

Because he’s hiding something and I’m the only one who knows it. I’ll let him play his dark games with my heart and body … until I know his secret.
Our secret.

“After Him” is the very steamy, angsty, fast-paced first of a duet featuring a tragic hero and a second chance worth fighting for. It is a tear-jerking story with blazing hot scenes and dark themes that may be sensitive for some readers.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

The Portrait

by Emilia Kelly

For fans of Kate Morton and Daphne Du Maurier comes the tale of a woman enchanted by the past until it threatens her future. The Portrait is a captivating debut filled with new love, old secrets, and a mysterious missing woman, all set against the vibrancy of 19th-century London and the construction of the Crystal Palace.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

The Men of Alphabet Mountain

by Natasha L Black

Experience the thrilling, action-packed journey of five couples as they navigate danger, passion, and love in this box set romance series.

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Category: Contemporary Romance