The Last Sacrifice

by V.T. Bonds

Lured into the demon’s lair.
In a nightmare I can’t escape, I find true evil exists.
They have no mercy.
Can I survive their wicked savagery?
*This Dark Omegaverse Romance is not for the faint of heart. If explicit scenes, violence, and D/s themes offend you, please abstain. Proceed with caution.*

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Category: Paranormal Romance


Sweet Distraction

by Lainey Davis

Tim Stag had everything under control…until he hired Alice.

When his mother’s death shattered his family, Tim was left to raise his brothers. Determined and focused, Tim finished college and law school early. Now he runs an empire, and nothing will stand in his way as he looks to expand Stag Law.

And then Alice Peterson comes along.

The new corporate chef is supposed to give his company an edge, but Alice Peterson is anything but corporate. Wild and spicy as her food, Alice sweeps into Stag Law and drives Tim to distraction. He’s not used to distraction.

At first, Alice fights her attraction to her brooding boss, but once she sees his softer side, she can’t resist a taste. Will their tryst be a flash in the pan or can they work through their differences to find a lasting love?

Sweet Distraction is a stand-alone, contemporary romance with crackling tension and sizzling passion. If you love a grumpy/sunshine pairing with meddling side characters, you’ll swoon for the Stag Brothers and the women they weren’t expecting to love.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Justice for Hattie Mayfair

by Irene Onorato

Twenty-two-year-old Lexi Mallard has kept a dreadful secret for ten long years. A social life seems impossible until Corbin Taylor reaches out in friendship. Just when she’s hopeful everything will work out, it all comes tumbling down. A faith-based romance with a twist of danger and suspense.

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Category: Inspirational Romance


Suits & Secrets: A Sensual Collection

by Lena Venti

A lawyer
An alduterer
A criminal

Men who all share one thing: the impulse to lie. They have secrets to keep, forbidden desires, or live a life dancing on the edge of the law.
And they have one last thing in common: the wish to please and be pleased.
Imperfect and irresistible at the same time.

Suits & Secrets is a collection of five erotica short stories and complimentary sensual poetry. A light read for anyone to enjoy and crave.

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Category: Erotica


Daddy’s Best Friend

by Kelly Myers

As if my parents weren’t mad enough at me for dating an older guy…
I found another one.
This time… he was my dad’s best friend!

And this time, I loved him.

My ex was abusive to say the least.
He tormented me until I was able to find the courage to leave.
Christopher helped me rebuild my life when no one else showed up.
He became my everything.
My hope, my heart… and my desire.
He taught me things about life and even some things in the bedroom.

I owed him.
But I couldn’t believe how far he was willing to go to protect me from my ex.
Despite our obsession, the odds were against us.
The entire world was against us.
Was our love strong enough to win the fight?

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Category: Contemporary Romance


First Time Swingers 3 Book Bundle

by Mia Moore

They each find out a secret that changes their lives forever…
Three stand alone tales of married women confronting the unexpected and the mind blowing results…
THEIR FIRST TIME: Annette goes to her High School reunion and learns some fascinatingly filthy facts about her old buddies
THEIR STEAMY NEW FRIENDS: Sasha discovers that Cindy, her personal trainer at the gym has a freaky side.
SULTRY SWINGERS: Chloe snoops in her BFF’s cell phone and gets the shock of her life.
In each book, when their husbands find out, things really heat up.

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Category: Erotic Romance


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