Blue Midnight

by Tess Thompson

She’s a recent divorcee looking for a fresh start. He’s a widower with a troubled past. Will solving his brother’s murder lead to a second chance at love?
In the wake of her husband’s betrayal, Blythe Heywood is forced to begin again. When she finds a slip of paper with the phone number of the man she walked away from years before, she’s compelled to follow the path not taken.
Will her journey into the unknown lead to her true destiny or will her excursion to the past jeopardize her future?
The first book in the Blue Mountain Series by USA Bestselling author Tess Thompson will have readers cheering for a set of lovable, complex characters as they explore the painful truths involved in accepting second chances and learning to love after loss.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

A Summer Changes Everything

by Isabelle Grace

When Shelby agrees to spend the summer looking after Reese’s energetic boys there’s an undeniable and unexpected attraction there. Shelby shines light into his dark and lonely world, bringing hope to his grieving heart.
Hope that he fears will be lost again when her stay is over.
Unless he’s willing to risk everything by asking her to stay.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Unforgiven Boss: Billionaire’s Enemy

by Laura Olsen

I spent the night with the man of my dreams…
…and then he turned it into a nightmare.

Years living off the grid under a fake name would break anyone.
But I made it through thanks to the most precious gift he left me.

Our daughter.

Six years later I step into his office with revenge burning in my eyes.
And Samuel Denning takes the bait and hires me on the spot.
He destroyed my family and took everything.

It was time for payback.

His arrogance is matched only by his good looks and it is so damn hard to keep hating him!
And all the time we spend in his bed doesn’t bring me closer to my revenge.

Seeing him with my daughter tears my heart apart and I can’t go on like this.

But before I end all of it I need to answer one simple question:
Am I ready to choose between justice and happiness?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Wedding Bells Alpha Box Set

by Weston Parker

4 Wedding Bells Alpha novels for your reading pleasure…These sexy bachelors never thought they’d fall in love, let alone get married.
Say You Do
She’s Mine Now
Don’t You Dare
Promise it All

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Category: Contemporary Romance

The Wishing Well

by Vivian Porter

Enter the world of Holly Well Springs. After losing her parents during the holidays as a child, Hannah wants nothing to do with Christmas. But she’s sent as a food writer to the place where the spirit of Christmas is alive and well all year long. And waiting there is true love. Come enjoy a feel-good read.

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance