Besting the Blueliner

by G.K. Brady

Cam Blue can’t wait to spend the summer in solitude. After a grueling hockey season, all the superstar defenseman wants is to retreat to his ranch and unwind. But when heavy rains strand him with an attractive neighbor, his frosty heart starts to crack.

Terra White worries something is wrong with her. Used to guys who never commit, she’s frustrated when the hunky sports star is determined to keep his distance despite their bond. After their time together ends and both return home, she expects never to see him again.

As Cam struggles to date and move past his painful failed marriage, he remembers the ease of his new friendship and reaches out. And though their platonic relationship blossoms through text and late-night calls, Terra fears she’ll never be enough for Cam to cross the line over to love.

Will they put passion on ice, or can they skirt their defenses to find a happily ever after?

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Category: Sports Romance

Deadly Peril

by Emily Jane Trent

Navy SEAL Thaddeus Jonsson is the strong, silent type. He’s assigned as bodyguard to Jana Tomasson, a fiercely independent and outspoken woman with a secret worth a lot of money. And she’s not pleased that her overprotective grandmother hired protection for her. Even if he is the image of a Viking, all six feet three of him. She fights against his intrusion into her life. But when shots are fired, Jana begins to realize that she might need Thaddeus more than she thought.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

Kiss My Giraffe

by Erin Nicholas

This dirty-talking grump and this sassy sunshine are not quite enemies. They’re not really friends. They’re definitely not lovers. Yet. But they’re absolutely going to be at least one of those things when this is all over.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

House of Pain: Enemies-To-Lovers Dark Romance

by Karolina Wilde

Alecto Black has spent her whole life in Inathis, yet she never quite fit in being the half-witch amongst the purebloods. When she finally enrolled in the most prestigious witchcraft university, The Venefica Academy, last year and joined the House of Snakes as a rightful legacy member, she thought she had finally found her place.

But every year, The Venefica Academy students that belong to 12 Houses all participate in the deadly Game that many witches don’t survive. And when the second year at Venefica starts, Alecto finds herself a target of one of the rival Houses while also having to face the enemy from the inside — fellow Snake, Blaze Leveau. As secrets start unraveling, hate turns into something more dangerous and deadly.

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Category: Fantasy Romance

The Exiled Prince (THE EXILED PRINCE TRILOGY Book 1)

by Jeana E. Mann

One night. No names. No faces. It should have been simple. When Rourke crashes a secret masquerade ball, she has no idea the nameless, faceless stranger she hooked up with is about to become her new boss. He’s trying to break her, but when her life is in danger, this mafia prince will stop at nothing to keep her safe.

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Category: Contemporary Romance