by Kristin Kay

A strange fate begins on the count of ONE…

Stuck in a society where the chances of a good life are negligible, Nia’s brilliance makes her a constant outcast.

She provokes the interest of none other than Victor Kaov, a shady billionaire and the new president of their small Eastern European country.

Devoid of any empathy, his psyche is driven mad by Nia’s beautiful mind, and before she knows it, she’s involved in the dirtiness of business, the elite’s fakeness and political mafia games.

Victor Kaov’s wretched past follows him, and he gets caught in a devastating battle between himself and his obsessive desire.

His demons torture him, but will they drag the best or the worst out of him?

Who is Kaov, after all? Nia is about to find out all about his darkness and her own. Until they face the most challenging fight — to save themselves

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Category: Contemporary Romance

A Matter of Trust: London Calling Book One

by Kat Faitour

Devon Sinclair is brilliant, beautiful, and poised for sure success.
When she arrives in London, she’s determined to make her own way, apart from her American family and their less-than-legal schemes.
What she finds is the last thing she wants—an arrogant, rude boss who also happens to be the one man to awaken her desire and ignite her untouched heart.
Born into a banking dynasty, Bennett Sterling is as cynical about love as he is coldly driven in business. Burned in the past, his number one rule is to never, ever date an employee.
Luckily, rules are made to be broken.
Passion sparks and emotions flare, despite their intentions to stay apart. And as their attraction escalates, their ability to fight against it fades into seductive surrender.
But when Devon’s past comes back to haunt them, will Bennett look beyond the lies to see the truth or will he condemn the woman he loves?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Hot Pursuit

by Lynn Raye Harris

Evie Baker wants nothing to do with former friend and current black ops soldier Matt Girard, but when her ex-boyfriend is murdered and her sister kidnapped, she needs his help and special skillset… no matter how much heartbreak separates them.

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Category: Military Romance

Arrogant Jerk

by Kelly Myers

This couldn’t be true…

I couldn’t be in love with another younger woman who is just after my money!

Claudia Wilks is my new nanny…and my future heartbreak.

My little girl’s mother abandoned us soon after she gave birth.

She left a hole inside my heart that I turned into anger.

I became a different person, a ruthless businessman.

But Claudia brings out the side of me that I’d forgotten about.

It’s impossible for me to trust another woman.

Especially one who is a decade younger than me.

She could be obsessed with my wealth, but my heart says otherwise.

History, however, has a habit of repeating itself.

I can’t risk having a broken home again, so I’d have to fire Claudia.

But what if something stops me? The one thing that would change the course of my life.

Will I be able to put my ego aside, let her in, and accept her big secret?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Veiled Destiny

by Gia Cobie

Five years ago, Ivy was changed into a vampire against her will.

In the years since, she has isolated herself, fearing she’s a threat to others.

One night, she finds herself in danger, and is rescued by an unlikely savior.

After their unexpected encounter, Ethan is instantly drawn to Ivy, but it’s clear she’s haunted by secrets. He’s determined to convince her to give him a chance, to prove he can be trusted.

As their connection grows deeper, outside forces conspire to pull them apart. Faced with an unavoidable truth, Ethan and Ivy will have to fight even harder to stay together.

Just as a happy ending is in sight, a sinister conspiracy threatens to tear them apart forever.

Can Ethan and Ivy withstand the forces working against them and find a destiny together?

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Category: Paranormal Romance