Loving Captivity (Human Pets of Talin Book 1)

by RK Munin

When Sora is bought by a Talin, she isn’t sure what to expect. Soon she finds out what it’s like to be a beloved pet instead of an abused slave. Life is close to perfect until family dynamics and Talin politics interfere with their developing relationship. As things escalate, Sora worries she won’t survive. Free for a limited time only.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Forbidden Obsession

by Isabella Alexander

Echoes of my name were built on fear as an unquenchable thirst for vengeance guided my hand. I carved out my place in a world without mercy. Those who crossed my path begged for it, but I never gave it. My father said there’s no room for love in the dark, twisted corridors of my soul. Women were meant to be used for pleasure and never meet your acquaintance into the next day. He was right—until Penelope Cattaneo walked into my life. Her innocence should have repulsed me, clashed violently with the blood staining my hands. But instead, she became my obsession, a light I couldn’t extinguish even if it revealed the monstrous shadows I’d cast over my empire.

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Category: Gothic Romance

Touched By You: Books 1-4

by Emily Jane Trent

Tanner Clarke is a gorgeous billionaire with dominant tastes, and Natalie loves him from the first moment. Even his possessiveness can’t push her away, because he is the only man Natalie will ever love. Tanner knows that he is bad for her, yet he must have her. But can he find love in his heart?

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Category: Erotic Romance

Summer’s End

by Kris Kassady

For cowgirl Molly McGuire, life is all about her animals. She’s spent her life around them, and there’s nothing that brings her more joy than being with her horse, Jo, and pet German Shephard, Shadow.

When Molly inherits Summer’s End, a fishing resort with plenty of room for her and her animals, she’s ready to settle into her life alone, but fulfilled.

Then Bart McKinnon walks into her life. An Army veteran, Bart’s years in active combat have left him with demons he tries hard to hide from the world.

Can Molly help him fight his demons or will Bart’s PTSD prevent him from living his life to the full? Together, can they create a future at Summer’s End?

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Category: Western Romance