What a Cowboy Wants

by Vicki Lewis Thompson

He’s her perfect fantasy cowboy…
Photographer Dominique Jeffries escaped to Wyoming after a bad breakup from her stifling ex. The last thing she’s looking for is commitment. And snapping pictures of a shirtless, sweaty cowhand leads to the perfect diversion.
Nick Chance isn’t exactly a cowhand on the Last Chance Ranch but, hey, he’ll be whatever the lady needs! Too bad all she wants is a quick roll in the hay.

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Category: Western Romance

Bet On It

by Ajme Williams

Being a billionaire had become boring until a stranger showed up to a conference and spiced things up…

Curvy, sassy, and dangerously younger than me…

Analyn was everything that a former hockey player needed to stay away from.
I was used to women falling all over me.
But Analyn’s pretty mouth that never shut up was still tempting.
Especially when she made a bet I couldn’t resist.

Analyn had no idea she was setting herself up for failure.
Little Miss Sassy came back to me, this time looking for a job.
And I knew it was my turn to suggest a wager.

Our one-night stand had to be forgotten.
But I couldn’t not notice that cute pencil skirt she’d wear to the office.

All eyes were on me… on us.
And my eyes were on the only woman I could bet would never trust me.
Or would she?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Four Weddings and a Billionaire

by Tina Gabor

My two best friends are getting married, and they want to fix me up.

The problem is…

My life has gotten way too complicated, and the last thing I need is another man—especially not Bradley Bronson. Yes, he’s hot and rich, but he’s also full of himself and a committed bachelor.

The only thing we have in common is that we don’t want to be fixed up.

But we keep running into each other at all these weddings!


You know, with love in the air, him in a tuxedo, and an open bar.

I need to focus on getting my life back on track and sleeping with Bradley Bronson will ruin everything.

I can do the right thing and resist making a huge mistake, right?

Four Weddings and a Billionaire is a sexy, heartfelt, laugh out loud romantic comedy that takes you on a wild ride from enemies to friends and then from friends to lovers. It can be read as a complete standalone romance.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

The Manhattan Men Box Set

by Jacob Parker

Three sexy, billionaire romance books for your reading pleasure. Welcome to the world of the Manhattan Men. The handsome alpha males that run the family that founded the big city.
Mr Real Rich
Mr Handsome Hunk
Mr Manly Man

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Category: Contemporary Romance