by Susanna Strom

It might be the end of the world…and I’m falling in love.

In a dangerous, apocalyptic world, he’s the last man a girl like me should trust.

When a simple flu virus morphs into a lethal worldwide pandemic, I take refuge at my prepper cousin’s compound. There I find myself face to face with a deadly sexy stranger.

Ripper Solis, ex-Army Ranger and current enforcer for an outlaw motorcycle club, protects the people he considers his own. He’s not a nice guy. Not the bad boy hero in the romance novels I’ve escaped into for years. Not a man a woman should trust. Or is he? As law and order break down, and the ever-present threat of the virus looms over our heads, Ripper’s strength and resourcefulness offer an irresistible allure. Sexy and commanding, he’s everything I’ve ever wanted. Our chemistry is combustible.

Will love save the day, or will the perilous new world obliterate our future?

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance


by Amanda Shelley

I don’t date during the season.
The number of trolls who venture into the arena simply to chase jerseys is unbelievable.
In fact, I typically distance myself from the social side of being a college athlete because I have my eye on something bigger than our next D-1 championship.
I’ve taken painstaking measures to avoid distractions – at all costs. This plan has worked perfectly until Abby shows up at my door.
Gone is the plain studious girl I left in lab the day before.
Left in her place is the intriguing woman I want to know better.
Here I thought she wouldn’t be a distraction – yeah right… I am so screwed.
Abby’s gorgeous and there’s nothing plain about her.
I am this close to having it all. If I let Abby in, will my perfectly laid out plans disappear?

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Category: Sports Romance

Irish King

by K.C. Crowne

My plan for infiltrating the Irish mafia?
Find a soldier. Flirt my way in the door. And save my best friend.
But that’s when a jaw dropping silver-haired man noticed me.
And he’s no soldier. He’s next in line for the throne.

He’s determined to bring me down.
And I’m prepared to make his life h*ll.
Except there’s one big problem: an intense pull I feel for a dangerous man old enough to be my father.

How am I supposed to save my best friend’s life…
When all I can think about is Conner’s hungry eyes scanning my body, ready to devour every inch of me..

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Selling My Soul

by Nicole York

The only way to survive in the dark is to become it. I can’t even remember what it’s like to feel anything but vengeance. My enemy is marrying my mother. And his gift to me? His only daughter. Naughty little thing has no clue just how deep I’m going to take her before I destroy everything she holds dear.

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Category: Erotic Romance