Trouble Me

by Eliza Peake

The job should have been easy.

That’s what sassy, determined Emma Reynolds thought when she took the executive job at a local winery in order to save her family’s bed and breakfast estate from the auction block.

But that was before she started working with the broody billionaire owner, Shane Kavanaugh.

Before their irresistible and unexpected chemistry moved them from the boardroom to the bedroom.

And long before she found out about his intention to wreck her legacy, her career, and—worst of all—her heart.

Her new boss with the hot and cold temper and panty-melting smile that makes her want to break all the rules is the last thing she needs, especially when her family estate is on the line.

TROUBLE ME is a sexy, slow burn interconnected stand-alone small town romance. It has an HEA and no cheating.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Merry Me

by Amanda Siegrist

He never knew a simple gift left on his porch step would mend his wounded heart.

Hiding his dislike for the holidays isn’t easy, especially when Chief Elliot Duncan meets a woman who captures his attention with one sweet smile. Lynn Carpenter is beautiful, strong-willed, and hardworking, and he doesn’t know how to return her gift that was left on his porch by mistake. As Christmas approaches, it doesn’t take much for the holiday spirit to seep in, not when Lynn makes it so effortless with her excitement. The only thing he wants for Christmas this year is her heart. But between his meddling father and the need to take care of her, something she passionately resists, he knows it won’t be that simple. He’s up for the challenge, because losing Lynn is unacceptable.

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Category: Holidays Romance

What’s a Rogue Got To Do With It

by Samantha Holt

When Knight is driven to protect the woman he’s loved for a long time, the barriers between them feel harder than ever to keep in place. Somehow, she keeps working her way under his unyielding exterior. But Knight knows he’s not worthy of a woman like Louisa—not while his past shadows his every move

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Category: Historical Romance

Love, Luck & Clusterf*ck

by Bree Dahlia

Enough is enough. I’m done with the clusterf*cks. I want a grown-up relationship. I’m ready to fall in love with a real man. Just not with the man who boldly enters my life on St. Patrick’s Day. The one who’s cocky, sexy as hell, and very off-limits. The one who… becomes my best friend. Would YOU throw it all away for one night of passion?

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Category: Romantic Comedy

Sneaking In

by V.T. Bonds

Vulnerable. Desirable. Targeted.
Skylar is traveling alone, despite the warning bells her instincts ring.
She knows there are risks but refuses to think of herself as weak.
Two relentless men.
A dark, devious plan.
Three lives forever changed.
**This story is not for the faint of heart. It is a suspenseful, raw, Dark Romance with elements of Power Exchange. Scenes are not glossed over. Sensitive readers please abstain.**

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Category: Erotic Romance

About That Pact

by Erin Lynne

Anyone have that one person, that colossal mistake, who just won’t stay in the past?

Charlotte Madison did and his name was Rafe Bianchi. Unfortunately for her, the only life she knew had Rafe in it. Their parents were best friends, so they saw a lot of each other whether or not they liked it. That’s right. Family vacations, BBQ parties, birthday celebrations – every family function he was there.

Rafe wasn’t always a nightmare. There was a time when they were friends. As kids, they played all summer, getting into trouble, racing on their bikes, and making pacts. It was all fun and games until the innocence of their promises turned a bit sexy. One deal they didn’t shake on, but happened anyway?


Charlotte and Rafe crossed a line and their friendship vanished as they turned on each other. Their relationship slipped from friends to enemies. Whenever they saw each other, an argument happened. Charlotte and Rafe fighting was the new normal, so when he hustled her into owing him five favors, she was expecting war. Just like when they were kids, Charlotte owed him and he wouldn’t let her forget about it.

Owing him was something she was used to. What was the worst that could happen this time around?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

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