Accidental Sugar Daddy

by Kaci Rose

How does a single mom end up with a sugar daddy??

My best friend tells me I need to date and then sends me to a sugar daddy mixer.
I’m plotting my revenge on the way out when the hottest guy in the room stops me.
One dinner, he says.
One dinner and I’m considering his offer, events for work only.
As a single mom, I can’t turn the money down.
Only this fake relationship is starting to feel all too real.
He wants more, like me and the kids to move in with him.
But my past isn’t pretty and his world is ready for battle because they don’t want me.
Will he still want me now?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

My Beastly Boss

by Sofia T Summers

The world believes that I’m dating a star quarterback.
But the truth is… I’m using that lie to hide another secret.

That big secret has a name…

Isaac Shepherd.
Manager of the NFL team and one of my father’s closest friends.
Let me just say that we tried.
We tried really hard to ignore the fire that was brewing between us.

Isaac is intense.
A workaholic, and extremely accomplished.
He’s also the master orchestrator of my fake dating life with his player, Devin.
It was all fun and games until there was a new addition to this entire mess.
Literally… a new addition.

Isaac got me pregnant, and I want to find out how he’s going to figure our way out of this one!

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Category: Contemporary Romance

The Wounded Cowboy Billionaire

by Edith MacKenzie

He had all the money in the world—and it wasn’t enough to keep his life from falling apart…

Rodeo star Colt threw everything he had at his sister’s illness, and nothing helped. Now that she’s gone, he’s not sure how to deal with his own feelings, let alone care for the baby she left behind. He needs help—desperately. Which might explain the completely inappropriate feelings he’s starting to have for his sister’s best friend…

Evelyn has traveled the world, studied art in London, and trained in Venice—but at heart, she’s still a Texas girl, silently pining for her billionaire cowboy. Colt is different now, though. Wounded and broken. She knows she can help him care for the baby. But convincing him to open his heart and trust in love again…well, that’ll be considerably more difficult.

Money can fix a lot of problems—but a happily ever after can’t be bought. So, if Colt and Evelyn want theirs, they’ll have to fight for it…

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance

The Crucifixion and Resurrection of Malachi the Queer

by Damian Jay Clay

Finding the truth about who you are is only the first step. The second is fighting to hold onto it.

The son of a Baptist pastor has a secret: he’s gay. When his family discovers his secret, they send him to a gay conversion camp where his resolve is put to the ultimate test. From the depths of the profound darkness of what he is forced to endure, he may discover there is love and light to be found.

A genius and a good Christian boy… That’s the general opinion people have of Malachi Russell – so smart, quiet and well behaved. The perfect son for a celebrity, Baptist pastor.

But Malachi has secrets he’s kept hidden for the past three years. He doesn’t believe in god and, what’s more, he’s beginning to realise he’s gay. These are things he knows he must keep hidden until he can escape his family because he knows they will never accept them.

When his father begins to suspect that Malachi has developed feelings for men, he sends him to a gay cure camp in the middle of nowhere. Handcuffed and forced into the back to a people carrier en route to the camp, Malachi wonders: Is it possible to be so sure about yourself, to be so sure of who you are and yet still be terrified that you can be changed, not by evidence or reason but by indoctrination and fear?

Only his time at the brutal camp will tell.

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Category: LGBT Romance

Claimed For Good

by Ali Parker

I remove love for a living. Tattoos. I’m like an anti-Romeo. No way in hell I’m hitching this wagon to one woman when I can enjoy as many as I please. Don’t hate the player. Hate the game. I’m good until a pretty smile and great curves steal my thoughts. She’s shaking everything up in my life. We’re a match made in heaven. I’m claiming her for good.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

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