Lucky Inheritance

by Mckenna James

When Clarissa Kelly travels to Ireland and meets Wildheath castle’s devastatingly handsome caretaker, she has no idea her grandfather’s dying wish will lead her to a love that was written in the stars.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


The Rourkes Boxed Set Books 1-3

by Kylie Gilmore

Steamy romcom boxed set featuring a hot and hilarious opposites attract Cinderella story, a playboy prince caught in a bachelor auction, and a British bad boy trapped with a runaway princess bride!

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Category: Contemporary Romance


The Ruined Lady

by Bree Verity

Lady Felicity Merryweather knows her middling looks and fortune mean she is unlikely ever to marry. But before she settles into a life of dull spinsterhood, she wants one night of passion to remember – no strings attached, no questions asked and no regrets. Her only condition – that the man never ask her to marry him.
Who better to help her than her old friend Quincey, the Earl of Edenburgh? He reluctantly agrees to the tryst, only to find he craves more and more of Felicity’s mix of fiery passion and shyness. Their single meeting turns into a passionate affair.
When Quincey breaks his promise and proposes, Felicity is quick to refuse him, and decides to show London her true colors before she disappears from society.
Now, Felicity is the toast of town – vivacious, talkative and colorful, sought after by the best of hostesses and pursued by the most interesting of men.
But when one of her spurned swains schemes to ruin her reputation, she can turn to only one man to help her – the one man she has been trying her hardest to avoid – the Earl of Edenburgh.

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Category: Historical Romance


The Wilder Books Box Set

by Savannah Kade

Maggie Award winner Savannah Kade creates a series in which “the mix of hot and sweet romance has been done to perfection!” A single dad on the cusp of stardom. He could have anyone he wants… but he only wants her. Fall hard for the boys of the band Wilder in this series that’s “so real the characters could walk right off the page!” USA Today says Savannah Kade writes “a fast-paced, superbly written series of surprises rich with heart and heat.”

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Barbarians of the Sand Planet Collection Books 1-3

by Tana Stone

Gorgeous sand planet barbarians in need of mates. Marooned women who want to escape. A steamy sci-fi romance 3 book box set!

After crash-landing on an unfamiliar desert planet, an all-female bounty-hunter crew is rescued by a gorgeous, telepathic alien race of barbarians. And while the natives of the sand planet vow to help the females return to space, the barbarians can’t fight their attraction to the fascinating women.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance


Crimson Born

by Amy Patrick

As long as I can remember, I’ve longed for a different life—one filled with adventure, excitement, and romance.
This wasn’t exactly what I had in mind…
One minute I was riding in a horse-drawn buggy on my way home to my quiet Amish village— the next was torn by the screech of car tires, and twisted metal, and the white hot lance of pain. There was no doubt in my mind my life was over.
So when I woke up to the face of a beautiful stranger who promised me the suffering would end soon, I thought I’d seen an angel.
I couldn’t have been more wrong.

CRIMSON BORN is a romantic and gripping full length YA vampire ro-mance that will transport fans of paranormal romance and young adult urban fantasy to a fascinating supernatural world within our own, filled with suspense, danger, sizzling tension, and desire.

Fans of high-stakes urban fantasy series like The Mortal Instruments and deeply romantic paranormal vampire romance sagas like Twilight, Vampire Diaries, and A Shade of Vampire will be drawn to the addicting, heart pounding excitement and suspense of Amy Patrick’s sexy, magical Crimson Accord Series.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Crimson Storm

by Amy Patrick

Abigail Byler is a resolute pacifist. And a vampire.
She must decide between life in the Crimson Court or a role in the peace-seeking Vampire-Human Coalition– and deal with a powerful, forbidden attraction to a handsome Bloodbound soldier.
CRIMSON STORM is the second book of the Crimson Accord series, a young adult vampire series that will appeal to fans of urban fantasy series like The Mortal Instruments and young adult paranormal romance sagas like Twilight and A Shade of Vampire.

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