The Locke Box: a romantic mystery novel

by Jennifer Daniels Neal

A bizarre car crash leaves two strangers to care for an orphaned baby, a pregnant cat, and the key to a lost family heirloom. Sensual but clean, suspenseful but triumphant, funny, and endearing.

Young sign language professor Emma longs for someone who will stick around. Her dad left when she was fifteen, and now the only creature she trusts is the stray cat she feeds every day. But this morning, while exploring a beautiful old cemetery, Emma meets Locke, a man who defies her doubt.

Today marks one year since Locke lost his brother to an apparent suicide. He visits the grave full of unanswered questions and dark thoughts. When Emma appears, with her wild orange hair and fiery disposition, she’s a welcome distraction.

Minutes after meeting, a car crash sends them fleeing from shadowy intruders and corrupt police. Their survival depends on a lost box full of family secrets.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

The Depraved Duke

by Honora Wildhall

Nineteen year old Cecy North is an innocent, a well-bred lady and, as of a year ago, an orphan. Her uncle has arranged her wedding to the Duke of Newcastle, whom the gossips call The Depraved Duke. Cecy fears his reputation…and yet when she meets him, she is drawn to him, moved by his dark good looks and compelling voice.

Over the last year, Rafe has been waiting for Cecy to come out, for he sees something in her that tells him she could be trained to be the perfect wife: perfect not just as a hostess and the future mother of his heir, but perfect in another way, a more intimate way.

What he doesn’t reveal to Cecy is that for most of the past ten years, he has been a renowned rake in the pleasure palaces of London. Can he coax his wife into enjoying the forbidden pleasures that he revels in and excels at? Or will revealing his true nature drive her away?

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Category: Historical Romance

The Bargain

by Delta James

A woman who has everything to lose. The only person who can help her is the man she betrayed years before, the head of the Irish mob.

I thought I could betray the Devil of Galway. I was wrong.

For two years I was undercover as the lover of the most powerful man in Ireland. The night my betrayal became known he believed I died.

Now I’m back and I need his help. I thought I could make a deal with the Devil. I should have known better.

My bargain with the Devil will cost me everything.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Love Where You Work

by Anna Pulley

Warning: No mimes were injured in the making of this queer, workplace rom-com

For Clare Kolikov, her work is her life. A successful HR manager with a heart of gold and a prejudice against beach camping, the uptight Clare has no time for relationships or anything else that might distract her from climbing the career ladder at a San Francisco Bay Area matchmaking startup, W;nkdIn.

When she’s force-volunteered as an LGBTQ beta date tester at W;nkdIn, the buttoned-up Clare teeters on the edge of despair, especially when the “experiences” involve pole dancing meet-n-greets, plant healing workshops, and miming.

But Clare has her real work cut out for her when she meets Julia Dawes, the hot coworker who’s organizing her dates. Julia is a free-spirited, multiracial fashionista with “roller-blade confidence” and a Kristen Stewart haiku fan blog, whose attraction to Clare is as immediate and crippling as the debt she’s drowning in, thanks to the failed essential oils business her ex left her saddled with.

Workplace rules aim to keep Clare and Julia apart––especially after Clare becomes Julia’s boss––but their attraction only grows like an out-of-control Excel spreadsheet.

When an office rival threatens to expose their budding, secret relationship, Clare is left with an impossible choice: Give up her dream job or lose out on the girl of her dreams.

Mixing business with pleasure has never been more bold, steamy, or hilarious…

Fans of Casey McQuiston and Miranda July will love this hilarious, heart-warming, lesbian romance

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Category: LGBT Romance

Lucky Charm

by K.C. Crowne

We shared one WILD night in Ireland.
Then the goddess I’d die for skipped town.
Today she has returned.
And her kid has MY eyes.

Both my desire for Aisling…
And her beauty are unmatched.

But she kept a BIG secret from me.
A cute little girl who resembles me a little too much for coincidence.
I’ve missed years of being her dad – and now I’m mad as h*ll.

Not even Aisling can stop me from being the father my girl deserves.
But when it comes to Aisling’s guarded heart…
I’ll let my Irish luck take me straight to her sweet pot of gold – she thinks she can resist me. I’d like to see her try.

And when our little girl goes missing – I’ll go through h*ll and back to bring her home.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Callaghan’s Rescue

by Sherri Storey

Love not only hurts it can destroy. Dr. Calla Tierney wants no part of it. The sexy movie star from her past disagrees, following her to Sierra Leone. Can they find love in a country so lost?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

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